digital art girls @ futurartes

digital art girls @ futurartes
Ladi­es, from left to right: Raquel Par­dal, Ana Car­va­lho, Dia­na Com­bo, Elga Fer­rei­ra, Petra Fari­nha, Cata­ri­na Mota, and Móni­ca Men­des. And then, of cour­se, there’s Rudol­fo Quin­tas in betwe­en Elga and Petra 🙂 Note that we tri­ed to hide our lap­tops under the table to avoid loo­king like total wor­kaho­lics, but Mónica’s still shows…

We loved the first edi­ti­on of futu­rar­tes. The­re were talks by LCD (Pedro Ânge­lo), In Moti­on (Fili­pe Val­pe­rei­ro), and altLab + open­Ma­te­ri­als (me), Pro­ces­sing and PD workshops (Pedro Ânge­lo), per­for­man­ces by Rudol­fo Quin­tas, Diat0m (Rui Mon­tei­ro), and Magen­ta Inte­ri­or (Ana Car­va­lho). Thank you Pedro and Raquel for a won­der­ful fes­ti­val!

But mos­tly it was gre­at to, for the first time in qui­te a whi­le, gather together so many Por­tu­gue­se girls wor­king in digi­tal arts — the­re were 8 of us, ins­te­ad of the usu­al 2 or 3. Raquel, Ana, Dia­na, Elga, Petra, Cata­ri­na, Móni­ca, and Letí­cia (who wasn’t the­re for the group pic) are deve­lo­ping expe­ri­men­tal work on tan­gi­ble inter­fa­ces, bio art, com­pu­ter visi­on, phy­si­cal com­pu­ting, live video pro­ces­sing, hybrid mate­ri­als engi­ne­e­ring, and per­for­man­ce. Yay ladi­es!

Make your own game-pad!

…Don’t let others tell you how many but­tons you can press at once, the­se are times of fre­e­dom 🙂

This is a home­ma­de game-pad with just one acce­le­ro­me­ter (a bre­a­kout board from Spark­fun) and one push-but­ton.

custom game-pad with accelerometer and push-button connected to arduino

Using a sim­ple, cus­tom pro­to­col and a C# lis­te­ner we could play Acce­le­roids, an Aste­roids lost sibling on Ste­roids, whi­ch uses the acce­le­ro­me­ter to con­trol the ship and the but­ton to sho­ot.

next steps will be to turn this into a gene­ric game-pad by simu­la­ting key­bo­ard key pres­ses for any sen­sor you throw at the Ardui­no, allowing you to cre­a­te truly funky pads to con­trol your favou­ri­te game. Stay tuned! 😉

Edit: We were aler­ted by fri­en­dly com­ments that this pro­ject resem­bles another project/tutorial that can be found here:,902.0.html

LCD spring show

LCD spring show
Our fri­ends at LCD are having their semi­an­nu­al show this thurs­day. If your in Por­to do stop by. The­re will be many awe­so­me pie­ces to see/play with, and lots of won­der­ful and cre­a­ti­ve peo­ple to meet.

Futurartes 2009

Futurartes 2009
Dias 3 e 4 de Junho na Esco­la Supe­ri­or de Artes e Design das Cal­das da Rai­nha rea­li­za-se a pri­mei­ra edi­ção do Futu­rar­tes — encon­tro de artes e mul­ti­mé­dia, rea­li­za­do na ESAD. As acti­vi­da­des divi­dem-se em con­fe­rên­ci­as, espec­tá­cu­los, workshops e ins­ta­la­ções que pro­mo­vem o uso de novas tec­no­lo­gi­as de carác­ter ino­va­dor sob as for­mas já exis­ten­tes de expres­são e divul­ga­ção artís­ti­ca. Con­vi­dam-se assim todos os alu­nos da ESAD assim como todos os inte­res­sa­dos a com­pa­re­cer no even­to e atra­vés da sua par­ti­ci­pa­ção con­tri­buir para o suces­so do pró­prio.

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A documentary film by Jack Oatmon. A look into the hardware hacking community in Montreal, including the Foulab collective. Why are more and more hobbyists experimenting with hacks and circuit bends? What relationship does this imply about consumer society and technological advancement? Is this a real-world analog of 'user generated content'? (via jackoatmontreal @ YouTube)

Thanks Nuno João for bringing this to our attention 😉