Everyone is welcome to come to one of altLab’s weekly work session in order to get to know us and learn more about the collective. Those who wish to take part in the life and decisions of the collective must become altLab members.

altLab members pay a 10.euro monthly fee, in order to support the collective’s operating costs, and get full rights of participation in the democratic life of the group and a vote in the group decisions.
Independent access to the collective workspace and resources is only achieved trough the approval of at least two mentors.
If you already know you want to join altLab, contact a existing member to know how to become part of the family.

You don’t need to become a member of altLab or in order to participate in any of the public events or projects we organize (Workshops, JunkChallenges, CafésConserto, TinkerSessions, Talks, Exhibitions, Show&Tell, Projects, etc.) or work alongside with a regular member of the collective.


If you are already a member and want to pay your monthly fees;

  •  Use the following IBAN: PT50 0023 0000 45523573237 94 (Activo Bank)
  •  Send us a email with the receipt to:   quotas [at]