About us

AltLab is a collective dedicated to independent research and experimentation in alternative media. Community-based and community-building by nature, it seeks to promote active participation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among individuals such as artists, programmers, engineers,  hobbyists, scientists, and all those who wish to freely explore creative and emancipatory uses of technology. Just like many other hackerspaces which have emerged all over the world in recent years, AltLab has also been founded on the notions of software/hardware libre and the belief in collective independent platforms for open and active knowledge-sharing and experimentation.

In February 2009, a small group, under the umbrella of Audiência Zero, joined efforts to create AltLab with the following objectives: Build stronger community ties by gathering disperse cells of researchers, artists, and DIYers around a common and open platform; Provide a shared physical space for experimentation, testing, and development of new objects and concepts (ranging from robotics to software to art to conceptual research); Share knowledge, support collaborative work, and collectively push the boundaries of DIY creativity; Establish partnerships and synergies within and across the borders with other collectives that share similar goals and ideals.

AltLab’s projects and activities will be limited only by the commitment and enthusiasm of those involved and may be easily extended beyond these initial activities.

The founders…

Catarina Mota
PhD candidate, fellow of FCT-MCTES, cofounder of openmaterials.org and fabriculture.org

Tiago Henriques
media developer, film producer, tech geek and speleology & mountaineering addicted.

Guilherme Martins
designer, digital artist, techno addict and fascinated by experimental robotics.

Mónica Mendes
interface designer, multimedia educator and enthusiastic researcher of real-time video for sustainability and artistic experimentation.

Ricardo Webbens
artist, i’m interested in circuit bending, audio and video platforms, diy instruments and controllers, music and every form of experimental ideas.


Coordinator – July 2011 ~ July 2013

Mauricio Martins
Maker of Things, Tinkerer, and Open Source advocate. Works mainly as Collaborative Project Developer focused on DIY Experimentation with Electronics, Physical Computing and Digital Fabrication.


Coordinator – July 2013 ~ Dec 2014

Rui Marcelino
Independent Robotic Solutions Developer


Coordinator – Jan 2015 ~ JAN 2017

Vinicius Silva
Comunication and Production Designer – Hacker, Maker, Tinkerer, CNC Operator, Weekend Programmer, Student, Teacher, TecnoPreacher, HumanGoogle, with an Obsession for Production Methods and Techniques