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a glove that lights up when you shake hands

light up glove

This mit­ten lights up when its wea­rer sha­kes hands with some­one. It has two expo­sed soft con­tacts around the thumb and across the palm which, when brid­ged by bare skin, turn on the LED embed­ded on the flower. The mit­ten itself was cre­a­ted by fashion desig­ner Isa­bel Tomás, and we then sewed a sim­ple touch switch cir­cuit onto it using con­duc­tive fabric and thread. It also works with high fives and hol­ding hands :)

high five and holding hands

Isa­bel and I desig­ned this as a soft cir­cuits exer­cise for some upco­ming mate­ri­als workshops. You can find all the ins­truc­ti­ons and ima­ges we pre­pa­red for this pur­pose @ openMaterials:

First Soft Circuits Open Lab

soft circuits open lab

This Sun­day we’re hol­ding our first Soft Cir­cuits Open Lab at the School of Fine Arts in Lis­bon (FBAUL — Facul­dade de Belas Artes de Lis­boa). There is no pre­de­fi­ned struc­ture for the event. We will meet for the course of one day with the pur­po­ses of sha­ring kno­wledge, expe­ri­men­ting fre­ely, advan­cing on-going pro­jects, and just having fun wor­king together. Some of the peo­ple atten­ding will be spe­ci­a­lists in elec­tro­nics and others in tex­ti­les. Bar­camp style impromptu pre­sen­ta­ti­ons are very welcome.

Altlab will pro­vide some basic tools such as pli­ers, scis­sors, sol­de­ring irons, iro­ning board, etc. But par­ti­ci­pants must bring all the mate­ri­als and addi­ti­o­nal equip­ment neces­sary for their own projects/experiments (inclu­ding lap­tops). Here are some sug­ges­ti­ons: any kind of fabric, nee­dles and thread, yarn, t-shirts, con­duc­tive and/or resis­tive fabric, con­duc­tive thread, con­duc­tive and/or resis­tive yarn, knit­ting and/or cro­chet nee­dles, LEDs, coin cell bat­te­ries, bat­tery hol­ders, EL wire, strands of fiber optics, cop­per foil, cop­per adhe­sive track, alu­mi­num foil, resis­tive foam, regu­lar foam, ardui­nos (lily­pad or any other kind). If you’ve never wor­ked with any of these mate­ri­als and don’t have them handy, come anyway, you can help some­one else with their pro­ject and learn along the way.

For more infor­ma­tion on soft cir­cuits tech­ni­ques and mate­ri­als, check out the Soft Cir­cuits Resour­ces sec­tion on the open­Ma­te­ri­als wiki.

This open lab will take place on Febru­ary 21st, from 10:30 to 18:30, at the School of Fine Arts in Lis­bon, room 307, 1st floor (since our own space is still under cons­truc­tion). All are wel­come, there is no fee nor regis­tra­tion, but ple­ase do let me know if you are plan­ning on coming: catarinamota(at)

Residência AZ no Espaço do Tempo

(scroll down for english)

A Audi­ên­cia Zero vai rea­li­zar uma resi­dên­cia artís­tica mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nar com os seus três labo­ra­tó­rios (AltLab, LCD, xDA) no O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo) no período entre 01 e 07 de Março e 14 e 23 de Junho. A apre­sen­ta­ção dos tra­ba­lhos pro­du­zi­dos na resi­dên­cia será feita entre 12 e 25 de Julho. A resi­dên­cia é antes de mais des­ti­nada aos actu­ais mem­bros dos labo­ra­tó­rios, mas está pre­vista a par­ti­ci­pa­ção de ele­men­tos exter­nos no caso des­tes apre­sen­ta­rem pro­pos­tas de tra­ba­lho con­sis­ten­tes e inte­res­san­tes. Mais infor­ma­ções e ins­cri­ções no fim desta página…

residência AZ no Espaço do Tempo

Os inte­res­sa­dos na resi­dên­cia devem mani­fes­tar o seu inte­resse e inscreverem-se com a maior bre­vi­dade pos­sí­vel (fim da página) para garan­tir lugar. A orga­ni­za­ção entrará em con­tacto para dar segui­mento à inscrição.

Quando soli­ci­ta­dos pela orga­ni­za­ção os par­ti­ci­pan­tes devem indi­car se têm um pro­jecto em mente para desen­vol­ver ou acti­vi­dade a pro­por. Quanto mais cla­ros forem os pro­jec­tos e as acti­vi­da­des, assim como os pápeis a desem­pe­nhar por cada um dos ele­men­tos das equi­pas cons­ti­tuí­das ou a cons­ti­tuir, maior é a pro­ba­li­dade da acti­vi­dade ou pro­jecto de ser inte­grada na residência.

As vagas na resi­dên­cia estão limi­ta­das a 15, com direito a alo­ja­mento e uma refei­ção diá­ria. No caso de exis­ti­rem mais do que 15 par­ti­ci­pan­tes ter-se-á que esco­lher os pro­jec­tos mais inte­res­san­tes res­pei­tando os seguin­tes cri­té­rios de selec­ção: cri­a­ti­vi­dade, tec­no­lo­gias envol­vi­das, via­bi­li­dade e tempo.

Após o peri­odo de ins­cri­ções, serão ava­li­a­dos as apli­ca­ções pelos orga­ni­za­do­res e defi­ni­dos os artis­tas resi­den­tes. Ini­ci­a­re­mos a dis­cus­são dos pro­jec­tos / acti­vi­da­des e defi­ni­ção da temática.

Exem­plos Acti­vi­da­des:
. Workshops
. Pales­tras
. Demonstrações

Exem­plos de Áreas de Pro­jecto:
. Elec­tró­nica e Com­pu­ta­ção Física
. Ins­ta­la­ções Inte­rac­ti­vas
. Per­for­mance
. Robó­tica
. Visão por Com­pu­ta­dor
. Visu­a­li­za­ção de Dados


Audi­ên­cia Zero will hold a mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary artist resi­dency with its three labo­ra­to­ries (altlab, LCD, xDA) in O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo) in the period between 01 and 07 March and 14 and 23 June. The pro­jects pro­du­ced will be shown between 12 and 25 July. The resi­dence is pri­ma­rily inten­ded for the cur­rent mem­bers of this labo­ra­to­ries, but par­ti­ci­pa­tion of exter­nal ele­ments is accep­ted where pro­po­sals are con­sis­tent and inte­res­ting. More infor­ma­tion and regis­tra­tion at the end of this page …

Those inte­res­ted in resi­dence should express their inte­rest and enroll as soon as pos­si­ble (end of page) to secure a place. The orga­ni­za­tion will con­tact you to fol­low up the application.

When asked by the orga­ni­za­tion par­ti­ci­pants must indi­cate whether they have a pro­ject in mind to deve­lop or an acti­vity to pro­pose. The cle­a­rer the pro­jects and acti­vi­ties, as well as the roles played by each ele­ment of a team, the gre­a­ter the like­lihood of the acti­vity or pro­ject to be inte­gra­ted into the residence.

Vacan­cies in the resi­dence are limi­ted to 15, with the right accom­mo­da­tion and a daily meal. If there are more than 15 par­ti­ci­pants, the orga­ni­za­tion we’ll have to cho­ose the most inte­res­ting pro­jects addres­sing the fol­lowing selec­tion cri­te­ria: cre­a­ti­vity, tech­no­lo­gies invol­ved, fea­si­bi­lity and time.

After the regis­tra­tion period, appli­ca­ti­ons will be asses­sed by the orga­ni­zers and esta­blished resi­dent artists. We will begin the dis­cus­sion of pro­jects / acti­vi­ties and define the resi­dency theme.

Sam­ple Acti­vi­ties:
. Workshops
. Lec­tu­res
. Demos

Pro­ject theme exam­ples:
. Elec­tro­nics and Phy­si­cal Com­pu­ting
. Inte­rac­tive Ins­tal­la­ti­ons
. Per­for­mance
. Robo­tics
. Com­pu­ter Vision
. Data Visualization

Espaço do Tempo

Espaço do Tempo

Orga­ni­za­ção: Gui­lherme Mar­tins, Ricardo Lobo e Tiago Serra.

Resi­dên­cia AZ no Espaço do Tempo
1ª Edição

For­ma­dor: Audi­ên­cia Zero
Coor­de­na­dor: Audi­ên­cia Zero
Datas: 1 a 7 Março; 14 a 23 Junho; 12 a 25 Julho
Horá­rio: Todo Dia
Local: O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo)
Preço: 0 euros
Estado: Aber­tas as Inscrições

Pedido de Infor­ma­ções
Ficha de Inscrição

AZ Hackmeet — the video

AZ Labs Hackmeet


On Decem­ber 12 and 13 we’ll hold the first big mee­ting of AZ’s 3 labs: LCD, altLab, and xDA. We’ll all get together in Porto, at AZ’s head­quar­ters, for 2 days of cre­a­tive and fun hac­king. The main goals for this hack­meet are to share kno­wledge, explore syner­gies, col­la­bo­rate, rese­arch, and… (of course) hang out!

Lab mem­bers are cur­ren­tly for­ming work groups around topics such as: elec­tro­nics and phy­si­cal com­pu­ting, robo­tics, smart mate­ri­als, soft cir­cuits, mul­ti­touch inter­fa­ces, hard­ware recy­cling, com­pu­ter vision, and infor­ma­tion visualization.

AZ’s hack­meet is mos­tly meant for lab mem­bers, but others are also wel­come to join in pro­vi­ded we have enough spots left.

Regis­ter here


Nos dias 12 e 13 de Dezem­bro os mem­bros dos três labo­ra­tó­rios AZ (LCD, AltLab e xDA) orga­ni­zam a pri­meira grande reu­nião de explo­ra­ção cri­a­tiva e tec­no­ló­gica sem fronteiras.

Este encon­tro é des­ti­nado, antes de mais, aos actu­ais mem­bros dos labo­ra­tó­rios, mas par­ti­ci­pan­tes exter­nos são bem-vindos, desde que as vagas exis­ten­tes assim o permitam.

Durante este fim-de-semana serão cri­a­dos gru­pos dedi­ca­dos às múl­ti­plas áreas em explo­ra­ção na asso­ci­a­ção: elec­tró­nica e com­pu­ta­ção física, robó­tica, mate­ri­ais inte­li­gen­tes, inter­fa­ces mul­ti­to­que, reci­cla­gem de hard­ware, visão por com­pu­ta­dor, visu­a­li­za­ção de infor­ma­ção, etc…

O objec­tivo é a troca de conhe­ci­mento, explo­ra­ção de novas siner­gias entre áreas, cri­a­ção cola­bo­ra­tiva, pes­quisa e inves­ti­ga­ção… e claro, con­ví­vio. Liber­dade total, para tudo ou nada fazer.

Ficha de Inscrição

Thom Yorke 3D Print by Tiago Serra

During our recent 3D Prin­ting Workshop, Tiago Serra from xDA used altlab’s Maker­Bot to print a model of Thom York’s head :)

Ori­gi­nal point cloud data from Aaron Koblin’s House of Cards (GeoVideo’s 3D scan­ning system)

Meshed with Point Cloud Skin­ner script for Blender

Cle­a­nup in Mesh­Lab

Made during the Maker­bot workshop with Zach Hoe­ken at Lis­bon Tech University

Down­load the file at Thin­gi­verse

Awe­some Cre­a­ti­ve­Com­mons post :

Maker­bot Indus­tries

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