AZ Residency — The Video

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a glove that lights up when you shake hands

light up glove

This mit­ten lights up when its wea­rer sha­kes hands with some­o­ne. It has two expo­sed soft con­tacts around the thumb and across the palm whi­ch, when brid­ged by bare skin, turn on the LED embed­ded on the flower. The mit­ten itself was cre­a­ted by fashi­on desig­ner Isa­bel Tomás, and we then sewed a sim­ple tou­ch swit­ch cir­cuit onto it using con­duc­ti­ve fabric and thre­ad. It also works with high fives and hol­ding hands 🙂

high five and holding hands

Isa­bel and I desig­ned this as a soft cir­cuits exer­ci­se for some upco­ming mate­ri­als workshops. You can find all the ins­truc­ti­ons and ima­ges we pre­pa­red for this pur­po­se @ open­Ma­te­ri­als:

First Soft Circuits Open Lab

soft circuits open lab

This Sunday we're holding our first Soft Circuits Open Lab at the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon (FBAUL - Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa). There is no predefined structure for the event. We will meet for the course of one day with the purposes of sharing knowledge, experimenting freely, advancing on-going projects, and just having fun working together. Some of the people attending will be specialists in electronics and others in textiles. Barcamp style impromptu presentations are very welcome.

Altlab will provide some basic tools such as pliers, scissors, soldering irons, ironing board, etc. But participants must bring all the materials and additional equipment necessary for their own projects/experiments (including laptops). Here are some suggestions: any kind of fabric, needles and thread, yarn, t-shirts, conductive and/or resistive fabric, conductive thread, conductive and/or resistive yarn, knitting and/or crochet needles, LEDs, coin cell batteries, battery holders, EL wire, strands of fiber optics, copper foil, copper adhesive track, aluminum foil, resistive foam, regular foam, arduinos (lilypad or any other kind). If you've never worked with any of these materials and don't have them handy, come anyway, you can help someone else with their project and learn along the way.

For more information on soft circuits techniques and materials, check out the Soft Circuits Resources section on the openMaterials wiki.

This open lab will take place on February 21st, from 10:30 to 18:30, at the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon, room 307, 1st floor (since our own space is still under construction). All are welcome, there is no fee nor registration, but please do let me know if you are planning on coming: catarinamota(at)

Residência AZ no Espaço do Tempo

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A Audiência Zero vai realizar uma residência artística multidisciplinar com os seus três laboratórios (AltLab, LCD, xDA) no O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo) no período entre 01 e 07 de Março e 14 e 23 de Junho. A apresentação dos trabalhos produzidos na residência será feita entre 12 e 25 de Julho. A residência é antes de mais destinada aos actuais membros dos laboratórios, mas está prevista a participação de elementos externos no caso destes apresentarem propostas de trabalho consistentes e interessantes. Mais informações e inscrições no fim desta página…

residência AZ no Espaço do Tempo

Os interessados na residência devem manifestar o seu interesse e inscreverem-se com a maior brevidade possível (fim da página) para garantir lugar. A organização entrará em contacto para dar seguimento à inscrição.

Quando solicitados pela organização os participantes devem indicar se têm um projecto em mente para desenvolver ou actividade a propor. Quanto mais claros forem os projectos e as actividades, assim como os pápeis a desempenhar por cada um dos elementos das equipas constituídas ou a constituir, maior é a probalidade da actividade ou projecto de ser integrada na residência.

As vagas na residência estão limitadas a 15, com direito a alojamento e uma refeição diária. No caso de existirem mais do que 15 participantes ter-se-á que escolher os projectos mais interessantes respeitando os seguintes critérios de selecção: criatividade, tecnologias envolvidas, viabilidade e tempo.

Após o periodo de inscrições, serão avaliados as aplicações pelos organizadores e definidos os artistas residentes. Iniciaremos a discussão dos projectos / actividades e definição da temática.

Exemplos Actividades:
. Workshops
. Palestras
. Demonstrações

Exemplos de Áreas de Projecto:
. Electrónica e Computação Física
. Instalações Interactivas
. Performance
. Robótica
. Visão por Computador
. Visualização de Dados


Audiência Zero will hold a multidisciplinary artist residency with its three laboratories (altlab, LCD, xDA) in O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo) in the period between 01 and 07 March and 14 and 23 June. The projects produced will be shown between 12 and 25 July. The residence is primarily intended for the current members of this laboratories, but participation of external elements is accepted where proposals are consistent and interesting. More information and registration at the end of this page …

Those interested in residence should express their interest and enroll as soon as possible (end of page) to secure a place. The organization will contact you to follow up the application.

When asked by the organization participants must indicate whether they have a project in mind to develop or an activity to propose. The clearer the projects and activities, as well as the roles played by each element of a team, the greater the likelihood of the activity or project to be integrated into the residence.

Vacancies in the residence are limited to 15, with the right accommodation and a daily meal. If there are more than 15 participants, the organization we’ll have to choose the most interesting projects addressing the following selection criteria: creativity, technologies involved, feasibility and time.

After the registration period, applications will be assessed by the organizers and established resident artists. We will begin the discussion of projects / activities and define the residency theme.

Sample Activities:
. Workshops
. Lectures
. Demos

Project theme examples:
. Electronics and Physical Computing
. Interactive Installations
. Performance
. Robotics
. Computer Vision
. Data Visualization

Espaço do Tempo

Espaço do Tempo

Organização: Guilherme Martins, Ricardo Lobo e Tiago Serra.

Residência AZ no Espaço do Tempo
1ª Edição

Formador: Audiência Zero
Coordenador: Audiência Zero
Datas: 1 a 7 Março; 14 a 23 Junho; 12 a 25 Julho
Horário: Todo Dia
Local: O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo)
Preço: 0 euros
Estado: Abertas as Inscrições

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