altLab Last Meetings — Update


We have been absent from pos­ting news for a cou­ple of weeks now, but we haven’t been in no way inactive.

The­se last two mee­tings have been fruit­full, we have dedi­ca­ted some time to fixing the teles­co­pe con­trol­ler, the col­lec­ti­ve has new mem­bers and this new blo­od is pum­ping full of ideas.

It is time to talk back to the com­mu­nity, and tomor­row we will be put­ting up some inves­ti­ga­ti­ons we have been up.

Here’s a list of some things we will be upda­ting tomorrow


- PCB work­ben­ch Pro­ject may come with a silks­cre­en flavour

- Dimen­si­on Eli­te tes­ting @Fablab EDP, Vio­le­ta’s Big Brother √

- Laser­cut Tes­tings @Fablab EDP

- Explo­ra­ti­ons on PCB cre­a­ti­on tech­ni­ques — The Silks­cre­en Method

- The Pro­ject’s Project

- Vio­le­ta Fixed and going on Tour √


See you soon, here is a peek at some shots of the upcom­ming articles 😉