AZ Residency Day 7 — We’ll Be Back

Yes­ter­day’s late night hac­king ses­si­on mana­ged to deli­ver some results. Baco’s Mecha­nism was com­ple­te and so, to cele­bra­te, refresh­ments were in order, plus waking up to join the party anyo­ne who was alre­ady asle­ep. The trou­ble­ma­kers deli­ve­red a per­so­na­li­zed ren­di­ti­on of the clas­sic, also pre­vi­ously abu­sed for remi­xes, Vitor Espa­di­nha “Recor­dar é Viver”.

Today was a sad day, everyo­ne who was taking their time get­ting up was also woken up with a new per­so­na­li­zed ren­di­ti­on of Vitor Espa­di­nha’s “Recor­dar é Viver”, pay­back is a bit­ch. We pac­ked up and hea­ded down to a local res­tau­rant for the last meal of this week’s resi­dency. With pro­mi­ses of retur­ning in June for 10 more days of col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve hacking.