AZ Residency Day 2 – Nothing Like The Fresh Smell of Vinegar Early In The Morning

Day started with a small queue to access the showers and a breakfast table side projects meeting.

Today’s plan for world domination involved:
– Connecting OSCulattor with Pachube
– Tracking fish in the fish tank
– Cooking bioplastic sample experiments
– Twitter bot with processing and/or javascript
– Taking apart old keyboards
– Planning a realtime videowall for AZ Labs

Most of the goals were reached despite the usual setbacks.

Bioplastic is sick. It’s basically starch, water, glycerine and vinegar stired together and heated slowly to a pasty bubbly form that takes a day to strengthen up. Today we cooked a few variations of the standard recipe to make a few sample experiments with different ingredient ratio, cooking time and thickness, to compare the properties and possibly maybe probably figure out some interesting use for them in future projects. They take about a day to cure, so we have no conclusions just yet, but we’re all pretty sick of the smell of vinegar by now! Stay tuned for the follow up, coming to an hackerspace blog near you soon.

Fish are nice. We like fish. Filipe brought some with him and seems to be planning some cute tracking system installation. A crack in the main experiments tank hold him back a few hours while the silicone patch dried up, so it isn’t quite operational just yet, but we’re already working hard on the next evil step for world domination: devising a clever way to centralize and reuse his little fishies tracking values. And share them with the world while we’re at it. Who knows who might need a bowl fish tracking stream of values out there.

We took a little walk wandering about Montemor-o-Novo, quite a peaceful town as it turns out, we managed to find an open restaurant with some excellent traditional Portuguese food, which was nice. Meanwhile, back in the new tech world, our plans for tonight’s generic audio mischief jam got held back by the lack of a mix table, some lag with ninjam wireless and an allnighter live broadcast stream pumping out of Autechre‘s website.