AZ Residency Day 3 – Ideas Are Like Rabbits On Spring

The breakfast table side projects meeting seems to have jetlagged slightly to lunch hour. Cold water morning shower is truly revitalizing but i wouldn’t want an encore tomorow! Despite the early shock some folks clearly fueled with their sleep deprivation managed to come up with a few other project ideas to add to our pool. Among which we seem to have a top secret facebook junkies clothing line and a not that top secret Boris Vian piano cocktail idea revamp, for the drunkards in us all to rejoyce aplenty about (related electro valve experiment documentary picture below).

misc purchases

electro valve

So an excursion to the local city store was in order, visiting random local Chinese stores, hardware stores, textiles store, pet stores, electronic materials stores.
BTW, you should know that using a multimeter to pick a zipper at a textiles store might get you kicked out!

misc purchases

Also, musical christmas cards + cheap earplugs + silicone + skills = contact mics + hydro mics + led + cute paper leftovers for our collage club! Be afraid!

Meanwhile, in a land far far away, Tara has been very busy ironing a few random plastic bags to create a DIY PCB prototype and successfully unravelling many distinct ways on how it will defnitely not possibly work! Plus discovering an advanced paper printing technique. Follow up should come within the next few days. We hope.

misc purchases

Tiago Serra and Jorge Ribeiro from xDA have also arrived tonight, so our dinner plans also involved a little brainstorming on all of these ideas and more top secret ones TBA. Meanwhile here is another random silly photo:

silly ps