AZ Residency Day 3 – Ideas Are Like Rabbits On Spring

The bre­ak­fast table side pro­jects mee­ting seems to have jetlag­ged sligh­tly to lun­ch hour. Cold water mor­ning shower is truly revi­ta­li­zing but i wouldn’t want an enco­re tomo­row! Des­pi­te the early shock some folks cle­arly fue­led with their sle­ep depri­va­ti­on mana­ged to come up with a few other pro­ject ide­as to add to our pool. Among whi­ch we seem to have a top secret face­bo­ok jun­ki­es clothing line and a not that top secret Boris Vian pia­no cock­tail idea revamp, for the drun­kards in us all to rejoy­ce aplenty about (rela­ted elec­tro val­ve expe­ri­ment docu­men­tary pic­tu­re below).

misc purchases

electro valve

So an excur­si­on to the local city sto­re was in order, visi­ting ran­dom local Chi­ne­se sto­res, hard­ware sto­res, tex­ti­les sto­re, pet sto­res, elec­tro­nic mate­ri­als stores.
BTW, you should know that using a mul­ti­me­ter to pick a zip­per at a tex­ti­les sto­re might get you kic­ked out!

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Also, musi­cal christ­mas cards + che­ap ear­plugs + sili­co­ne + skills = con­tact mics + hydro mics + led + cute paper lef­to­vers for our col­la­ge club! Be afraid!

Meanwhi­le, in a land far far away, Tara has been very busy iro­ning a few ran­dom plas­tic bags to cre­a­te a DIY PCB pro­toty­pe and suc­ces­s­fully unra­vel­ling many dis­tinct ways on how it will def­ni­tely not pos­si­bly work! Plus dis­co­ve­ring an advan­ced paper prin­ting tech­ni­que. Fol­low up should come within the next few days. We hope.

misc purchases

Tia­go Ser­ra and Jor­ge Ribei­ro from xDA have also arri­ved tonight, so our din­ner plans also invol­ved a lit­tle brains­tor­ming on all of the­se ide­as and more top secret ones TBA. Meanwhi­le here is another ran­dom silly photo:

silly ps