AZ Residency Follow up – Filipe Pais

I arrived to Residência AZ with a very simple project in mind called Bloop. This project explores the idea of “enfo” – unnecessary/useless information and information overload on the web, looking particularly to social networks.

Fishes don’t speak, but they communicate between themselves. For humans, this is an invisible process which is at the moment completely insignificant for us. Who cares about what is a fish saying to the other or even if he’s complaining or philosophizing alone? The project doesn’t intend to put fishes talking but instead to use their actions to dump random messages to twitter. This work plays with the metaphor of the glass house and observes this very own moment of social networks incrustation. Continue reading “AZ Residency Follow up – Filipe Pais”

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Ada Lovelace developed the first piece of software in history, for Charles Babbage’s early mechanical general-purpose computer, the analytical engine; she’s, therefore, the world’s first software programmer! Today is Ada Lovelace Day and we are celebrating women in technological fields.

Here at Altlab we have a strong feminine influence since two of our founders are awesomely extraordinary techy women!

Catarina Mota

Catarina is a bit our de facto leader, gluing us all together with her incredible tenderness and forced volunteering skills. Her main interests and topics of research are computer vision, intelligent materials, hackerspaces and personal fabrication. Catarina got her Master degree in New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program where she specialized in physical computing and interactive installations. Besides AltLab, she’s one of the founders and main writters of She’s also an active member of Thingiverse and her “things” and procedural 3d modelling are praised by just about everyone, check it out!

Mónica Mendes

Mónica (the blonde acrobatic monkey suit) is our charming radical surfer founder! When she’s not hacking her own Range Rover she’s busy working with real-time video installations on a project called RTiVISS which is the basis of her PhD. She is also an interface designer and a multimedia educator.

Mini-workshop “Motores de Passo”

(scroll down for English)

Vamos pegar aleatóriamente num motor de passo e tentar descobrir que tipo de motor é, desenhar um diagrama simples do mesmo.
Depois vamos pegar no ferro de soldar (não há que ter meeeeeedo :)) e montar um circuito que permite controlar esse motor a partir de um Arduino ou qualquer outra placa baseada num microcontrolador.
Todo o material é fornecido e fica para os participantes, sendo apenas necessário trazer ferro de soldar e multimetro (ou esperar que alguma alma caridosa vos empreste).

O número de participantes é limitado pelo que, se disserem que vêm, contamos MEEESMO convosco 😉

Para inscrições e pedidos de informação: workshops /arroba/
Lotação máxima de 10 participantes
Sábado 13 de Março de 2010
AltLab em Cacilhas

Let’s each of us pick up a random stepper and try to find out what kind of stepper it is, draw a simple diagram.
Then pick up the soldering iron (have noooooo fear :)) and assemble a circuit to control that motor from an Arduino or any other microcontroller-based board.
All materials are supplied to the participants and everyone gets to keep them; you’re just required to bring your own soldering iron and multimeter (or wait a random amount of time to borrow someone else’s).

The number of participations is limited, therefore, if you tell us you’ll come, we’ll REEEALLY be waiting for you 😉

For registration and information requests: workshops /at/
Maximum of 10 participants
Saturday, March 13 2010
AltLab @ Cacilhas

AZ Residency Day 7 – We’ll Be Back

Yesterday’s late night hacking session managed to deliver some results. Baco’s Mechanism was complete and so, to celebrate, refreshments were in order, plus waking up to join the party anyone who was already asleep. The troublemakers delivered a personalized rendition of the classic, also previously abused for remixes, Vitor Espadinha “Recordar é Viver”.

Today was a sad day, everyone who was taking their time getting up was also woken up with a new personalized rendition of Vitor Espadinha’s “Recordar é Viver”, payback is a bitch. We packed up and headed down to a local restaurant for the last meal of this week’s residency. With promises of returning in June for 10 more days of collaborative hacking.