Back in Lisbon

Hey all,

A few months ago our space has been moved from the center of Lisbon, to a place called Ginjal, for those who don’t know Lisbon it is by the other side of the river, not in the city.

Although the space was amazing the distance from the city, the creepy walk to get there and the hard winter conditions made us start thinking about getting our space back in the city. Also we noticed (probably because of the previous exposed reasons) the number of regular members was decreasing week by week.

We were planning to do this pretty soon, but one week ago we got noticed that we had to move out from the space in Ginjal as soon as possible, since it will be closed and demolished pretty soon (nothing surprising, since the building was showing external damages and in risk of collapsing).

So here we are, back in Lisbon! By coincidence or not, we are right on the place we started. But this time is different, we have rented two rooms for our hackerspace, since the previous existing business Geraldine has moved to another place in downtown. Continue reading “Back in Lisbon”

Workshops at BetaLab

In the next weeks we’ll be giving two workshops at BetaLab, a co-working space organized by betahaus| within the Chiado-After-Work program.

Here’s all the information and workshops’ schedule (in Portuguese):

Workshop DIY Kinetic SolarBots – Construa o seu próprio robot cinético solar.

Neste workshop os participantes vão construir um pequeno robot cinético através da montagem de um circuito solar com um pequeno motor e do design/modelagem do corpo do robot com Shmelzolan (plástico utilizado em artesanato).

Datas : 12 de Maio / 19 de Maio / 26 de Maio

Horário : 17h – 21h

Preço : 25 Euros/Pessoa

Local : Rua Garrett, 70 (Baixa, Lisboa)

CC : Video by xdatelier (

Workshop Electrónica Aprender a soldar

Qualquer pessoa é capaz de fazer uma boa soldadura, é só uma questão de prática! Neste workshop aprendemos a soldar construindo circuitos muito divertidos como o Pisca-Pisca LED, uPONG (Retro Video GAME), Drawdio (um lápis/pincel que emite sons enquanto desenhámos) entre outros.

Datas : 14 de Maio / 21 de Maio / 28 de Maio

Horário : 17h – 21h

Preço : entre 10 – 35  Euros/Pessoa (consoante o kit seleccionado para construir)

Local : Rua Garrett, 70 (Baixa, Lisboa)

CC : Photo by LadyAda (

A inscrição para qualquer um dos workshops numa das das disponíveis deve ser efectuada via email para o endereço : [email protected]

We’re still around!

Maybe you’ve noticed that we haven’t updated our blog much in these last weeks !

But don’t worry, we’re still around and ready to rock.

There is actually a major reason for this temporary break on news, we just moved to a new and great space (check here some pictures). It is just an amazing place to run a hackerspace like ours!

This is just a small video showing all the work we are doing to get the new space ready.

We hope to have it all ready in the beginning of the next month, so stay tuned! 😉

Dissecting old hardware

The last two sessions at Altlab have been a tremendous fun!

We had been collecting lots of old hardware (pc’s, modems, motheboards, cd-roms, printers, etc)  to give it a new purpose! Finally we decided to start to take profit from it.

Basically in old hardware trash, there are lot’s of interesting things that still work very well (like motors,  leds, screens) and can be re-utilized in other projects.

Here we have some pictures of this activity :

One of the results, a box full of motors :

So if you have in your place some old electronic equipment stored that you are no planing to use it anymore, you can bring it to AltLab and we’ll take care of it! 😉

More pictures in our Flickr Photo Stream