Friendly robots!

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A swarm of robot’s inva­ded yes­ter­day AltLab mee­tup… swarm… meh… should I say… 3? Well… 3 it’s gre­a­ter than 2, so… a small swarm of robots inva­ded AltLab!
They were brought by André Almei­da, from Arti­ca.Two of them were Gui­bots and the big­ger one is a Maga­bot.
The Gui­bot is Far­rus­co is a small robot based on the Ardui­no plat­form, in this case it’s using a Moto­rui­no wich is an Ardui­no clo­ne with a cou­ple of enhan­ce­ments – dc motor dual con­trol­ler, ser­vo and sen­sor plugs, pos­si­bi­lity to select 5v or exter­nal power sour­ce for motors and PWM pins.
With Far­rus­co you will be able to make it avoid obs­ta­cles, fol­low walls, enter in free spa­ce mode, and in the futu­re more add-ons will be avai­la­ble, just to name a few: line fol­lower, spe­a­kers and light sen­sors, RGB leds, and so on.
Maga­bot is an Ardui­no based, open sour­ce robo­tics plat­form desig­ned to give mobi­lity to any por­ta­ble com­pu­ter and in this case Sky­pe was used to con­trol it… video con­fe­ren­ce with the abi­lity to stroll around a remo­te room/office.