Pedra d’Água



AUTHORS: Rui de Car­va­lho; Mau­rí­cio Mar­tins; Pedro Ânge­lo; Kyri­a­kos Koursaris

Con­cept Author by Rui de Carvalho;
Engi­ne­e­ring Deve­lop­ment by Mau­rí­cio Martins;
Soft­ware Com­pu­ting Ori­en­ta­ti­on by Pedro Ângelo;
Sound and Music by Kyri­a­kos Koursaris;

Col­la­bo­ra­ti­on: Ricar­do Lobo; João Gonçalves;

This project’s desig­na­ti­on intends to pro­ce­ed to a new over­vi­ew of the human condition.
We must think of a box that is direc­ted to the insi­de, to the pla­ce whe­re we find our mea­ning and whe­re, the­re­fo­re, we part in sear­ch of our significance.
I want to reli­ve this awa­re­ness becau­se it impli­es a demand and this demand will take us, no doubt, to some kind of finding.
We can des­cri­be “Pedra d’ Água” as a Tech­no­logy and Digi­tal Art Tem­ple, that tri­es to rai­se the need of one for another and the ritu­al way we cho­o­se to cele­bra­te the emp­ti­ness left in us when some­o­ne leaves.
I won­der if in a near futu­re, this kind of tech­no­lo­gi­cal chi­me­ra will be the only way to ensu­re the exten­si­on of our dise­a­sed and lost into the living world.
Also, I ask myself if the machi­ne beco­mes equal to the human cre­a­tor, like a post-maker without the bur­den of a body or if the cre­a­tor beco­mes domi­na­ted by tech­no­logy. We must stop and medi­ta­te over the pos­si­bi­lity that this way will lead us to the over­powe­ring of machi­ne over human, taking us further into alienation.
Nowa­days it’s been noted a high num­ber of vari­ous mani­fes­ta­ti­ons by web users meant to be some kind of memory or tri­bu­te to the dise­a­sed loved ones.
Today, fri­ends and family keep web­si­tes upda­ted, as if they refu­se to accept the impo­sed absen­ce. They keep their rou­ti­nes, exten­ding an emo­ti­o­nal con­nec­ti­on simi­lar to the one that was expe­ri­en­ced with the loved one.
“Pedra d´Agua” will be like a sanc­tu­ary that will regis­ter mani­fes­ta­ti­ons from web users: when some­o­ne wri­tes or upda­tes one of this “tri­bu­te” sites, Pedra d´Água will light up, rele­a­sing a sound. When we don´t find find upda­ted infor­ma­ti­on, Pedra d´Água” will cry.
I wish to cre­a­te a arti­fact that claims our soci­ety as one of living but, also, as one of dead and that will allow the per­pe­tu­a­ti­on of the indi­vi­du­al and col­lec­ti­ve memory accor­ding to a new way: the web.