Pedra d’Água



AUTHORS: Rui de Carvalho; Maurício Martins; Pedro Ângelo; Kyriakos Koursaris

Concept Author by Rui de Carvalho;
Engineering Development by Maurício Martins;
Software Computing Orientation by Pedro Ângelo;
Sound and Music by Kyriakos Koursaris;

Collaboration: Ricardo Lobo; João Gonçalves;

This project’s designation intends to proceed to a new overview of the human condition.
We must think of a box that is directed to the inside, to the place where we find our meaning and where, therefore, we part in search of our significance.
I want to relive this awareness because it implies a demand and this demand will take us, no doubt, to some kind of finding.
We can describe “Pedra d’ Água” as a Technology and Digital Art Temple, that tries to raise the need of one for another and the ritual way we choose to celebrate the emptiness left in us when someone leaves.
I wonder if in a near future, this kind of technological chimera will be the only way to ensure the extension of our diseased and lost into the living world.
Also, I ask myself if the machine becomes equal to the human creator, like a post-maker without the burden of a body or if the creator becomes dominated by technology. We must stop and meditate over the possibility that this way will lead us to the overpowering of machine over human, taking us further into alienation.
Nowadays it’s been noted a high number of various manifestations by web users meant to be some kind of memory or tribute to the diseased loved ones.
Today, friends and family keep websites updated, as if they refuse to accept the imposed absence. They keep their routines, extending an emotional connection similar to the one that was experienced with the loved one.
“Pedra d´Agua” will be like a sanctuary that will register manifestations from web users: when someone writes or updates one of this “tribute” sites, Pedra d´Água will light up, releasing a sound. When we don´t find find updated information, Pedra d´Água” will cry.
I wish to create a artifact that claims our society as one of living but, also, as one of dead and that will allow the perpetuation of the individual and collective memory according to a new way: the web.