RepRap Gen7 PCB… check!

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Today went back to AltLab for a little learning experience. A great friend of mine, Fernando Afonso, came to Lisbon to the launch of MEO Kanal, a product he helped bringing to life. Since he was here, he was invited by AltLab to give a small workshop on “PCB Making… The Fernando Afonso way”. :)The method used was Toner Transfer, where you print the circuit layout with a laser printer on cheap magazine paper (the more glossier is better), then, with the toner side over the copper side and woot… the “sandwich” off it go into a slightly modified laminator (around 10 times) and the it’s submerged in freezing cold water.The low quality magazine paper it’s easily scrubbed off the pcb and it’s ready to the acid bath.
We used Acid Cupric Chloride as etchant, when the pcb is submerged  it turns into a… kryptonite green… spooky I say!In the end we’ve got a Generation 7 Electronics pcb for the Prusa Air… next step, buy the components and soldering it 😀