I’m not in the mood…

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At least it’s what she said! Violeta… the printer, I mean 🙂
From the beginning, tuesday it’s meeting day atAltLab and I’ve discussed with Mauricio the possibility of using the Mini-Mendel with an adapter, a Pen Holder to write the pcb’s layouts. The X axis carriage from the Mini-Mendel was disassembled and after I’ve finished assemble it, it looked a little wobbly, and we don’t want a wobbly printer!
So, Thingiverse to the rescue, and we found theMendel Mini-Carriage, and of we go… to the Makerbot!!!
This was my first interaction with a 3d Printer, and everything went well… until… when the print reached about 1cm of height, the extruder decided stop the extrusion… damn!
We started over, but there was a suspicion over the laptop, so we’ve tried using the SD Card to print… it didn’t work! Now the suspect is the version 3 firmware… and the laptop… it’s a cabala or lack of luck :p
Did we give up? No, of course not, we’ve selected a smaller piece of the Mini-Carriage and pressed “BUILD”, and all went as expected, the first piece of the Mini-carriage was a success!
Let’s try another… and all went well.. until the 1cm of height… the extruder failed again :p
It was getting late, so we’ve closed the shop for the day… err… night.
But not everything was lost, we’ve plotted a plan to develop a Gen8 electronics, just wait for it 🙂