First meeting

AltLab's first meeting
AltLab’s foun­ding mem­bers had their first offi­ci­al mee­ting yes­ter­day (see pho­tos). We appro­ved the col­lec­ti­ve’s gui­de­li­nes, com­pi­led a list of tools to pur­cha­se, set up a hard­ware recy­cling bin, and then had a lot of fun dis­cus­sing ide­as and sha­ring kno­wled­ge. Two ini­ti­al work groups were for­med to build an out­do­ors video pro­jec­tor and a remo­te-con­trol­led-mini-heli­cop­ter car­rying a video came­ra  — we’ll post more info on each of the­se on the com­mu­nity’s plat­form. We’ll also be wor­king on our indi­vi­du­al pro­jects whi­ch inclu­de robo­tics, music, com­pu­ter visi­on, smart mate­ri­als, and lots of other fun things. More mem­bers and col­la­bo­ra­tors will be joi­ning us from May 5th on and new work groups will be for­med. We’ll keep you posted.