Soldering is Easy workshop report

Ter­rific night yes­ter­day @ alt­lab!
The work­shop started with an intro to elec­tron­ics leav­ing the atten­dees anx­ious to get down to sol­der­ing.
Despite that, every­one was focus­ing their atten­tion on what was being said.
Half an hour later the sol­der­ing irons were plugged in and the fun started.
Soldering is Easy!
Hands-on and hav­ing fun!
Kit Pisca-Pisca
Blink­ing LED KIT

A new Hacker is born ! @Ricardo Castel­hano

Here is the final result, every­one leaves with their own blink­ing gad­get.

More pho­tos @flickr

AZ ready for world domination

It took us a while, but prac­tice makes per­fect, and we’re now much closer to ridi­cul­ing Justin Bieber than we’ve ever been before!

You might have noticed what derived from our Res­i­dency @ Espaço do Tempo, a dozen projects from sev­eral folks spread over the 3 labs explor­ing the robotic, the inter­ac­tive, the sen­so­r­ial, the tan­gi­ble, the gen­er­a­tive, the audio­vi­sual, the aug­mented, the provoca­tive, the per­for­ma­tive and a few other of all those dirty lit­tle words you so much secretly love hear­ing about. Don’t be shy now. Noth­ing wrong with get­ting a lit­tle tan­gi­ble now and again. 😉

We even par­tic­i­pated in a lit­tle exhibit last month at Pavil­hão Atlân­tico to present these and a cou­ple other works. And now we’re back with more weapons of mass destruc­tion. And now, this very week­end we’re meet­ing up again for some hol­i­day hack­ing follery at LCD to show some more of our projects and do a few mini-sprints. Feel free to join us. Lock up your geeks, we’re com­ing for them!

Con­tinue read­ingAZ ready for world dom­i­na­tion”

AZLabs @ O Espaço do Tempo

After many days of work, stress and fun, we seem to have man­aged to pull through 10 projects to show­case at O Espaço do Tempo! The exhi­bi­tion opened yes­ter­day, 12th July at Con­vento da Saudação and will remain in exhibit until the end of the month.

We also have a mini-site with bios of the authors and descrip­tions of the works, tem­porar­ily hosted here. Not only of the works present at the exhi­bi­tion but also a few oth­ers devel­oped dur­ing the res­i­dency that couldn’t be exhib­ited by one rea­son or another. Check them out!

Big thanks are in order to every­one at O Espaço do Tempo for the oppor­tu­nity we had, and all the in loco sup­port to our needs, you rock. 🙂

AZLabs @ O Espaço Do Tempo (0day –2)

2 days to go until the exhibit open­ing of the Audi­en­cia Zero Labs res­i­dency at O Espaço Do Tempo!

A few folks seem to be miss­ing in action. Mauri­cio is back with some news from Inter­ac­tivos to lend us a hand on pend­ing projects. Mónica and Pedro are still work­ing on B-wind!. Mar­garida work­ing on his robot Freddy. Vic­tor Silva rehears­ing his The Last Words of Dominico. Vic­tor and Marco work­ing on Dis­card­able Beauty. Guil­herme fin­ish­ing his Róbot­ica Cria­tiva works. And me fin­ish­ing up Meta Gen Haiku. Cata­rina and Joel should also show up tomorow with their Micro Dérive.

Web­site with more info on the pre­sented projects should go online soon. In the mean­time if you should show up on Mon­day the 12th July in Mon­te­mor-O-Novo for the exhibit. We will have 7 projects installed under exhi­bi­tion until the 31st July, and 2 live­acts pre­sented on the exhi­bi­tion day 12th July.

In the mean­time we’ll leave you with some impor­tant t-shirt quote mate­r­ial we have recently acquired:
“48 horas são 6 dias de tra­balho, em turnos de 8 horas”
“Eu só faço pro­jec­tion map­ping quando estou bêbado”
“Não tens pin­cel para isso. Vai antes de rolo.”
“Queres falar ao tele­fone? Fala aí! *slap*”

AZ Labs Exhibition @ O Espaço do Tempo

LCD + Alt­Lab + xDA
12 — 31 July 2010
Con­vento da Saudação | Mon­te­mor-o-Novo | Por­tu­gal

Exhi­bi­tion: Mon­day to Fri­day — 6pm / 11pm | Sat­ur­day and Sun­day — 4pm /11pm
Open­ing: 12th of July, 18h00

Artists : Cata­rina Mota | Fil­ipe Cruz | Francesco Cerutti | Guil­herme Mar­tins | João Maia e Silva | Joël Belouet | Jorge Ribeiro | Pedro Ângelo | Mar­garida Faria | Mau­rí­cio Mar­tins | Mónica Mendes | Marco Moura | Mar­i­ana Fer­reira | Mécia Sá | Ricardo Webbens | Sér­gio Fer­reira | Tiago Serra | Vitor Lago Silva | Vic­tor Mar­tins

This exhi­bi­tion presents the results of a unique exper­i­ment. For 17 days, 30 mem­bers of the Audi­en­cia Zero Labs from all over the coun­try and also abroad lived and worked together on col­lec­tive projects. New teams were formed, infi­nite ideas pro­posed, new tools and tech­nolo­gies exper­i­mented with, incred­i­ble adven­tures lived and new friends made. The projects at this exhibit are just the tip of the veil, the true impact of this expe­ri­ence is yet to come.

More info @ O Espaço do Tempo