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Contraste 2013 — Já este Domingo — Venha connosco!

Cartaz - Apresentação Altlab Benfica - A Tecnologia é Humana




Fes­ti­val Criar Con­traste 2013, promovido/organizado pelo Pelouro Des­porto e Juven­tude da JFB e mem­bros do Clube J irão apre­sen­tar, no dia 23 de Junho, a ini­ci­a­tiva “A Tec­no­lo­gia é Humana” que irá ser com­posta pela exi­bi­ção de fil­mes, deba­tes e demons­tra­ções diversas.

Nós esta­re­mos lá com demons­tra­ções do nosso know-how e workshops. Vêm também! :)


Veja aqui o programa


The Fes­ti­val Criar Con­traste 2013pro­mo­ted  and orga­ni­zed by the mem­bers of the Depart­ment of Sports and Youth JFB and J Club will pre­sent on 23 June, the ini­ti­a­tive “Tech­no­logy is Human” which will be com­po­sed by film scre­e­nings, deba­tes and vari­ous demonstrations.

We will be there demons­tra­ting our know-how and workshops. Be there to! :)


You can check the pro­gram sche­dule here

Violeta — Fixed and on tour


A cou­ple of weeks ago Luis Dinis, took Vio­leta for a demons­tra­tion @ IBM

Accor­ding to his report the pre­sen­ta­tion was a success :)


“Entre os dias 10 e 13 de Julho, a “Vio­leta” esteve em demons­tra­ção na IBM.

Esta opor­tu­ni­dade sur­giu no âmbito da ini­ci­a­tiva EX.I.T.E. — EXplo­rar os Inte­res­ses pela Tec­no­lo­gia e Enge­nha­ria que é rea­li­zada em Por­tu­gal desde 2005 e no âmbito das prá­ti­cas de res­pon­sa­bi­li­dade social da IBM.

Este pro­grama glo­bal visa con­tri­buir para a redu­ção da dis­pa­ri­dade de género, nome­a­da­mente no que se refere ao acesso às áreas das enge­nha­rias e ciên­cias e ao tra­ba­lho cola­bo­ra­tivo, por parte de jovens rapa­ri­gas na faixa etá­ria dos 11 aos 13 anos.

A “Vio­leta” fez um sucesso, espe­ci­al­mente por­que o con­ceito de impres­são em 3D é rela­ti­va­mente recente e mais ainda quando se per­cebe que uma ino­va­ção des­tas pode ser feita atra­vés da sim­ples cola­bo­ra­ção entre um grupo de pessoas.”


“Between the 10th and the 13th July, “Vio­let” went on demons­tra­tion at IBM.

This oppor­tu­nity sur­fa­ced from the EX.I.T.E (EXplore the Inte­rests for Tech­no­logy and Engi­ne­e­ring), ini­ti­a­tive that has been orga­ni­zed in Por­tu­gal since 2005 and from IBM’s social res­pon­si­bi­lity practices.

This glo­bal pro­gram aims to con­tri­bute to the reduc­tion on gen­der dis­pa­rity, namely bridge the ease of access to col­la­bo­ra­tive work on the areas of engi­ne­e­ring and sci­en­ces, for young girls with ages com­pri­sed from 11 to 13 years old.

“Vio­let” was a suc­cess, spe­ci­ally because of the rela­tive recent con­cept that is 3D Prin­ting, and more so when one rea­li­zes that such a inno­va­tion can be achi­e­ved by sim­ple group collaboration.”


This is not, but could as well be the start of a tour for vio­let. So to all of you that are rea­ding out there, if you want Vio­let to visit your school, your com­pany, your col­lec­tive… form a group, write the group names on a list and drop us a mail, chan­ces are you will be seeing Vio­let Live soon, here’s the press rele­ase appro­ved by IBM…


3D Printing, a disruptive technology…

Photo illus­tra­tion: Andrew B. Myers


3D Prin­ting seems to be finally hit­ting the mainstream.

Peo­ple are becom­ming aware of this new old tec­no­logy, much due to the fact that the avai­la­bi­lity and open sour­ce­ness of it is plun­ging down the cost of model printing.

The rea­lity of this is fal­ling like a ham­mer in the indus­try that is star­ting to see how dis­rup­tive this tech will be. So much that law suits over copy­right have star­ted to hap­pen as we write.


Games Workshop, the UK-based firm that makes Warham­mer, noti­ced Valenty’s work and sent Thin­gi­verse a take­down notice, citing the Digi­tal Mil­len­nium Copy­right Act. Thin­gi­verse remo­ved the files, and Valenty suddenly

became an unwil­ling com­ba­tant in the next digi­tal war: the fight over copying phy­si­cal objects.


Check out the full arti­cle @ WIRED >here<



altLab Last Meetings — Update


We have been absent from pos­ting news for a cou­ple of weeks now, but we haven’t been in no way inactive.

These last two mee­tings have been fruit­full, we have dedi­ca­ted some time to fixing the teles­cope con­trol­ler, the col­lec­tive has new mem­bers and this new blood is pum­ping full of ideas.

It is time to talk back to the com­mu­nity, and tomor­row we will be put­ting up some inves­ti­ga­ti­ons we have been up.

Here’s a list of some things we will be upda­ting tomorrow


- PCB work­bench Pro­ject may come with a silks­creen flavour

- Dimen­sion Elite tes­ting @Fablab EDP, Violeta’s Big Brother √

- Laser­cut Tes­tings @Fablab EDP

- Explo­ra­ti­ons on PCB cre­a­tion tech­ni­ques — The Silks­creen Method

- The Project’s Project

- Vio­leta Fixed and going on Tour √


See you soon, here is a peek at some shots of the upcom­ming arti­cles ;)



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