Contraste 2013 – Já este Domingo – Venha connosco!

Cartaz - Apresentação Altlab Benfica - A Tecnologia é Humana




Festival Criar Contraste 2013, promovido/organizado pelo Pelouro Desporto e Juventude da JFB e membros do Clube J irão apresentar, no dia 23 de Junho, a iniciativa “A Tecnologia é Humana” que irá ser composta pela exibição de filmes, debates e demonstrações diversas.

Nós estaremos lá com demonstrações do nosso know-how e workshops. Vêm também! 🙂


Veja aqui o programa


The Festival Criar Contraste 2013promoted  and organized by the members of the Department of Sports and Youth JFB and J Club will present on 23 June, the initiative “Technology is Human” which will be composed by film screenings, debates and various demonstrations.

We will be there demonstrating our know-how and workshops. Be there to! 🙂


You can check the program schedule here

Violeta – Fixed and on tour


A couple of weeks ago Luis Dinis, took Violeta for a demonstration @ IBM

According to his report the presentation was a success 🙂


“Entre os dias 10 e 13 de Julho, a “Violeta” esteve em demonstração na IBM.

Esta oportunidade surgiu no âmbito da iniciativa EX.I.T.E. – EXplorar os Interesses pela Tecnologia e Engenharia que é realizada em Portugal desde 2005 e no âmbito das práticas de responsabilidade social da IBM.

Este programa global visa contribuir para a redução da disparidade de género, nomeadamente no que se refere ao acesso às áreas das engenharias e ciências e ao trabalho colaborativo, por parte de jovens raparigas na faixa etária dos 11 aos 13 anos.

A “Violeta” fez um sucesso, especialmente porque o conceito de impressão em 3D é relativamente recente e mais ainda quando se percebe que uma inovação destas pode ser feita através da simples colaboração entre um grupo de pessoas.”


“Between the 10th and the 13th July, “Violet” went on demonstration at IBM.

This opportunity surfaced from the EX.I.T.E (EXplore the Interests for Technology and Engineering), initiative that has been organized in Portugal since 2005 and from IBM’s social responsibility practices.

This global program aims to contribute to the reduction on gender disparity, namely bridge the ease of access to collaborative work on the areas of engineering and sciences, for young girls with ages comprised from 11 to 13 years old.

“Violet” was a success, specially because of the relative recent concept that is 3D Printing, and more so when one realizes that such a innovation can be achieved by simple group collaboration.”


This is not, but could as well be the start of a tour for violet. So to all of you that are reading out there, if you want Violet to visit your school, your company, your collective… form a group, write the group names on a list and drop us a mail, chances are you will be seeing Violet Live soon, here’s the press release approved by IBM…


3D Printing, a disruptive technology…

Photo illustration: Andrew B. Myers


3D Printing seems to be finally hitting the mainstream.

People are becomming aware of this new old tecnology, much due to the fact that the availability and open sourceness of it is plunging down the cost of model printing.

The reality of this is falling like a hammer in the industry that is starting to see how disruptive this tech will be. So much that law suits over copyright have started to happen as we write.


Games Workshop, the UK-based firm that makes Warhammer, noticed Valenty’s work and sent Thingiverse a takedown notice, citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Thingiverse removed the files, and Valenty suddenly

became an unwilling combatant in the next digital war: the fight over copying physical objects.


Check out the full article @ WIRED >here<



altLab Last Meetings – Update


We have been absent from posting news for a couple of weeks now, but we haven’t been in no way inactive.

These last two meetings have been fruitfull, we have dedicated some time to fixing the telescope controller, the collective has new members and this new blood is pumping full of ideas.

It is time to talk back to the community, and tomorrow we will be putting up some investigations we have been up.

Here’s a list of some things we will be updating tomorrow


– PCB workbench Project may come with a silkscreen flavour

– Dimension Elite testing @Fablab EDP, Violeta’s Big Brother √

– Lasercut Testings @Fablab EDP

– Explorations on PCB creation techniques – The Silkscreen Method

– The Project’s Project

– Violeta Fixed and going on Tour √


See you soon, here is a peek at some shots of the upcomming articles 😉