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——– Orig­i­nal Mes­sage ——–
Sub­ject: Work­shop
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 10:39:03 –0000
From: João Alves
To: Fer­di­nand Meier

Olá tudo bem?

Era só para dizer que gostei muito do work­shop.
Está aqui uma ani­mação que real­izei em casa com os con­hec­i­men­tos adquirido no teu work­shop.

Podes ver tam­bém o meu web­site que tem alguns pro­je­tos real­iza­dos no Blender.

Gostei muito e espero que haja mais work­shops do Blender que achei espetac­u­lar.

Um abraço:


Friendly robots!

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A swarm of robot’s invaded yes­ter­day Alt­Lab meetup… swarm… meh… should I say… 3? Well… 3 it’s greater than 2, so… a small swarm of robots invaded Alt­Lab!
They were brought by André Almeida, from Artica.Two of them were Gui­bots and the big­ger one is a Mag­a­bot.
The Gui­bot is Far­r­usco is a small robot based on the Arduino plat­form, in this case it’s using a Motoru­ino wich is an Arduino clone with a cou­ple of enhance­ments – dc motor dual con­troller, servo and sen­sor plugs, pos­si­bil­ity to select 5v or exter­nal power source for motors and PWM pins.
With Far­r­usco you will be able to make it avoid obsta­cles, fol­low walls, enter in free space mode, and in the future more add-ons will be avail­able, just to name a few: line fol­lower, speak­ers and light sen­sors, RGB leds, and so on.
Mag­a­bot is an Arduino based, open source robot­ics plat­form designed to give mobil­ity to any portable com­puter and in this case Skype was used to con­trol it… video con­fer­ence with the abil­ity to stroll around a remote room/office.

Pedra d’Água



AUTHORS: Rui de Car­valho; Mau­rí­cio Mar­tins; Pedro Ângelo; Kyr­i­akos Kour­saris

Con­cept Author by Rui de Car­valho;
Engi­neer­ing Devel­op­ment by Mau­rí­cio Mar­tins;
Soft­ware Com­put­ing Ori­en­ta­tion by Pedro Ângelo;
Sound and Music by Kyr­i­akos Kour­saris;

Col­lab­o­ra­tion: Ricardo Lobo; João Gonçalves;

This project’s des­ig­na­tion intends to pro­ceed to a new overview of the human con­di­tion.
We must think of a box that is directed to the inside, to the place where we find our mean­ing and where, there­fore, we part in search of our sig­nif­i­cance.
I want to relive this aware­ness because it implies a demand and this demand will take us, no doubt, to some kind of find­ing.
We can describe “Pedra d’ Água” as a Tech­nol­ogy and Dig­i­tal Art Tem­ple, that tries to raise the need of one for another and the rit­ual way we choose to cel­e­brate the empti­ness left in us when some­one leaves.
I won­der if in a near future, this kind of tech­no­log­i­cal chimera will be the only way to ensure the exten­sion of our dis­eased and lost into the liv­ing world.
Also, I ask myself if the machine becomes equal to the human cre­ator, like a post-maker with­out the bur­den of a body or if the cre­ator becomes dom­i­nated by tech­nol­ogy. We must stop and med­i­tate over the pos­si­bil­ity that this way will lead us to the over­pow­er­ing of machine over human, tak­ing us fur­ther into alien­ation.
Nowa­days it’s been noted a high num­ber of var­i­ous man­i­fes­ta­tions by web users meant to be some kind of mem­ory or trib­ute to the dis­eased loved ones.
Today, friends and fam­ily keep web­sites updated, as if they refuse to accept the imposed absence. They keep their rou­tines, extend­ing an emo­tional con­nec­tion sim­i­lar to the one that was expe­ri­enced with the loved one.
“Pedra d´Agua” will be like a sanc­tu­ary that will reg­is­ter man­i­fes­ta­tions from web users: when some­one writes or updates one of this “trib­ute” sites, Pedra d´Água will light up, releas­ing a sound. When we don´t find find updated infor­ma­tion, Pedra d´Água” will cry.
I wish to cre­ate a arti­fact that claims our soci­ety as one of liv­ing but, also, as one of dead and that will allow the per­pet­u­a­tion of the indi­vid­ual and col­lec­tive mem­ory accord­ing to a new way: the web.


Doodling in 3D

Don’t worry, he’s mostly harm­less!
Basílio, a good­fella, a Lob­ster, a good friend and a Google SketchUp ninja!
Well, yes­ter­day was Alt­Lab meetup day, and the plan was: make a 3D model of an X axis car­riage for a mini-mendel.
It was a suc­cess! After a few hours using Google SketchUp, we’ve man­aged to cre­ate a darn good look­ing car­riage.
The next step will be print it and assem­ble it.
Mini-Mendel X Axis mini-car­riage

I’m not in the mood…

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At least it’s what she said! Vio­leta… the printer, I mean 🙂
From the begin­ning, tues­day it’s meet­ing day atAlt­Lab and I’ve dis­cussed with Mauri­cio the pos­si­bil­ity of using the Mini-Mendel with an adapter, a Pen Holder to write the pcb’s lay­outs. The X axis car­riage from the Mini-Mendel was dis­as­sem­bled and after I’ve fin­ished assem­ble it, it looked a lit­tle wob­bly, and we don’t want a wob­bly printer!
So, Thin­gi­verse to the res­cue, and we found theMendel Mini-Car­riage, and of we go… to the Maker­bot!!!
This was my first inter­ac­tion with a 3d Printer, and every­thing went well… until… when the print reached about 1cm of height, the extruder decided stop the extru­sion… damn!
We started over, but there was a sus­pi­cion over the lap­top, so we’ve tried using the SD Card to print… it didn’t work! Now the sus­pect is the ver­sion 3 firmware… and the lap­top… it’s a cabala or lack of luck :p
Did we give up? No, of course not, we’ve selected a smaller piece of the Mini-Car­riage and pressed “BUILD”, and all went as expected, the first piece of the Mini-car­riage was a suc­cess!
Let’s try another… and all went well.. until the 1cm of height… the extruder failed again :p
It was get­ting late, so we’ve closed the shop for the day… err… night.
But not every­thing was lost, we’ve plot­ted a plan to develop a Gen8 elec­tron­ics, just wait for it 🙂