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AZLabs @ O Espaço Do Tempo (0day -2)

2 days to go until the exhibit opening of the Audiencia Zero Labs residency at O Espaço Do Tempo!

A few folks seem to be missing in action. Mauricio is back with some news from Interactivos to lend us a hand on pending projects. Mónica and Pedro are still working on B-wind!. Margarida working on his robot Freddy. Victor Silva rehearsing his The Last Words of Dominico. Victor and Marco working on Discardable Beauty. Guilherme finishing his Róbotica Criativa works. And me finishing up Meta Gen Haiku. Catarina and Joel should also show up tomorow with their Micro Dérive.

Website with more info on the presented projects should go online soon. In the meantime if you should show up on Monday the 12th July in Montemor-O-Novo for the exhibit. We will have 7 projects installed under exhibition until the 31st July, and 2 liveacts presented on the exhibition day 12th July.

In the meantime we’ll leave you with some important t-shirt quote material we have recently acquired:
“48 horas são 6 dias de trabalho, em turnos de 8 horas”
“Eu só faço projection mapping quando estou bêbado”
“Não tens pincel para isso. Vai antes de rolo.”
“Queres falar ao telefone? Fala aí! *slap*”

AZ Residency Day 13 – We were never gone

You thought we were dead. But the nerds in black were never gone.

AZ Residency at Espaço Tempo has resumed its course on the 14th July 2010, and we’ve been kicking it real with some hardcore project dev for a whole week now! Our main aim is to get all of these projects kicking and screaming on the 12th July for the big opening of the exhibition. (more…)

AZ Residency Follow up – Filipe Pais

I arrived to Residência AZ with a very simple project in mind called Bloop. This project explores the idea of “enfo” – unnecessary/useless information and information overload on the web, looking particularly to social networks.

Fishes don’t speak, but they communicate between themselves. For humans, this is an invisible process which is at the moment completely insignificant for us. Who cares about what is a fish saying to the other or even if he’s complaining or philosophizing alone? The project doesn’t intend to put fishes talking but instead to use their actions to dump random messages to twitter. This work plays with the metaphor of the glass house and observes this very own moment of social networks incrustation. (more…)

AZ Residency Day 7 – We’ll Be Back

Yesterday’s late night hacking session managed to deliver some results. Baco’s Mechanism was complete and so, to celebrate, refreshments were in order, plus waking up to join the party anyone who was already asleep. The troublemakers delivered a personalized rendition of the classic, also previously abused for remixes, Vitor Espadinha “Recordar é Viver”.

Today was a sad day, everyone who was taking their time getting up was also woken up with a new personalized rendition of Vitor Espadinha’s “Recordar é Viver”, payback is a bitch. We packed up and headed down to a local restaurant for the last meal of this week’s residency. With promises of returning in June for 10 more days of collaborative hacking.

AZ Residency Day 6 – Vitor Espadinha Si Teh Luv

Day 6 started pretty late. At 10 o clock we had a mini makerbot workshop to replace a broken extruder piece, but most folks were still asleep from staying up till late working on the Piano Cocktail, so only Catarina and Guilherme managed to attend and fix the broken piece.

Late arrivers João, Vitor and Mécia arrived shortly after while i tried to finish up some work on the haiku generator and Mauricio was working on the keyboard mischiefs with Catarina. Guilherme was already gone, he had to prepare his work for the Talk Show piece downtown. A little while later Mónica and Francesco decided to join us in discovering where Blackbox was actually, we got abit lost but managed to all arrive on time.

The piece was pretty great! Well produced and performed! So props to the ones involved was in order and back we went to our residency for some food and project pushing. Guilherme and Catarina still messing with the Makerbot; Mónica blowing plants; Filipe, Ricardo and Mauricio finishing up the Piano Cocktail; Luis and João working on the meal tracking ballet system; Pedro helping out Jorge with his Arduino issues; and me trying out a couple new remixes of the remix.

Before dinner we also had a short visit from a few performance related folks, seemingly guests from our host and friend here at Espaço do Tempo, Rui Horta. They seemed pretty interested in our adventures with the new technologies, especially in terms of networking and open source mentality.

There was no catering on Saturday aparently, so things were abit more erratic but it all worked out in the end. We managed to organize a nice dinner event with nearly everyone present, and proceeded directly to judging the world famous Vitor Espadinha “Recordar é Viver” remix compo, participating was me, Sérgio and the proclaimed winner mister Pedro Ângelo.

90’s electro night proceeds as i type, everyone seems to be happily working on their projects and/or enjoying their refreshments. It sucks hard that tomorrow is the last day already. As a curiosity note, it seems 95% of the folks here at the residency use Mac’s, even if one of them does have Linux installed.

AZ Residency Day 5 – Mistos de Porco Preto Reprise

Yesterday’s dinner didn’t go so well. We went to pick up a few doses of “Mistos de Porco Preto” (means something like Mix of Dark Pig in English) at this local restaurant which we had scouted on Tuesday as serving pretty well. But we had an unfortunate surprise, they under-served us half our dosage. So a new quest had been unlocked: to retrieve our fair share today or raise havoc!

At the lab i had no idea what happened during the morning since i slept until very late, but right after lunch everyone scattered off to handle different things:
– Sérgio and Francesco still busy documenting their ants project.
– Tara with the plastic PCB experiments.
– Jorge putting the finishing touches on his VJ mixer frame.
– Mónica pushing her wind/fan project into a first protoype.
– I pushed the genhaiku abit closer to version 2.0
– Luis arrived to the residency to work on his meal tracking idea.
– Ricardo and Filipe went on a magic journey to the local “sawmill” store to get the last parts for their piano cocktail.
– Mauricio gave us a workshop about tiny solar robots with BEAM circuits.
– And Catarina hacking some keyboard interfaces

So for dinner we went to reclaim our lost dosage of Mistos de Porco Preto and managed to succeed in our ordeal! Quest complete! We also took the wonderful opportunity to shop some essential refreshments for tomorrows farewell party.

Back at the residency we had visitors from a local juvenile theater group, we gave them a quick tour round up of all the stuff we have lying around and the projects people have been working in. Which went pretty well, they were all pretty marveled and excited with all we had going on, asking how they could do their own and spend the rest of their lives doing what we do. Which made us happy.

The rest of the night was spent attending Mauricio’s workshop and working on some entry for our fast music remix compo of Vitor Espadinha’s “Relembrar é Viver”. Results should be available tomorrow.

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