AZ ready for world domination

It took us a while, but prac­tice makes per­fect, and we’re now much clo­ser to ridi­cu­ling Jus­tin Bie­ber than we’ve ever been before!

You might have noti­ced what deri­ved from our Resi­dency @ Espaço do Tempo, a dozen pro­jects from seve­ral folks spread over the 3 labs explo­ring the robo­tic, the inte­rac­tive, the sen­so­rial, the tan­gi­ble, the gene­ra­tive, the audi­o­vi­sual, the aug­men­ted, the pro­vo­ca­tive, the per­for­ma­tive and a few other of all those dirty lit­tle words you so much secre­tly love hea­ring about. Don’t be shy now. Nothing wrong with get­ting a lit­tle tan­gi­ble now and again. 😉

We even par­ti­ci­pa­ted in a lit­tle exhi­bit last month at Pavi­lhão Atlân­tico to pre­sent these and a cou­ple other works. And now we’re back with more wea­pons of mass des­truc­tion. And now, this very wee­kend we’re mee­ting up again for some holi­day hac­king fol­lery at LCD to show some more of our pro­jects and do a few mini-sprints. Feel free to join us. Lock up your geeks, we’re coming for them!

And if all this wasn’t good enough to turn you on and make you come down to meet us and par­ti­ci­pate, allow me to break some further news to you. Two of our pro­jects have recen­tly recei­ved their due ack­no­wled­ge­ment by two of the highest dis­tinc­ti­ons in these parts:

And just in case you recog­nize the lab affi­li­a­ti­ons from the above and feel like xDA is slac­king off com­pa­red to our coun­ter­parts: we’re not, we got mul­ti­touch inter­fa­ces.

And if you’ve read this far, ple­ase make some tea and have your­self a Bie­ber moment in a cube. You’re wel­come.