AZ ready for world domination

It took us a while, but prac­tice makes per­fect, and we’re now much closer to ridi­cul­ing Justin Bieber than we’ve ever been before!

You might have noticed what derived from our Res­i­dency @ Espaço do Tempo, a dozen projects from sev­eral folks spread over the 3 labs explor­ing the robotic, the inter­ac­tive, the sen­so­r­ial, the tan­gi­ble, the gen­er­a­tive, the audio­vi­sual, the aug­mented, the provoca­tive, the per­for­ma­tive and a few other of all those dirty lit­tle words you so much secretly love hear­ing about. Don’t be shy now. Noth­ing wrong with get­ting a lit­tle tan­gi­ble now and again. 😉

We even par­tic­i­pated in a lit­tle exhibit last month at Pavil­hão Atlân­tico to present these and a cou­ple other works. And now we’re back with more weapons of mass destruc­tion. And now, this very week­end we’re meet­ing up again for some hol­i­day hack­ing follery at LCD to show some more of our projects and do a few mini-sprints. Feel free to join us. Lock up your geeks, we’re com­ing for them!

And if all this wasn’t good enough to turn you on and make you come down to meet us and par­tic­i­pate, allow me to break some fur­ther news to you. Two of our projects have recently received their due acknowl­edge­ment by two of the high­est dis­tinc­tions in these parts:

And just in case you rec­og­nize the lab affil­i­a­tions from the above and feel like xDA is slack­ing off com­pared to our coun­ter­parts: we’re not, we got mul­ti­touch inter­faces.

And if you’ve read this far, please make some tea and have your­self a Bieber moment in a cube. You’re wel­come.