AZ Residency Day 4 — Routine Strike

Today we haven’t done any­thing at all. Nah, just kid­ding. We seem to have grown well adjusted to our new home, the days are almost rou­tine and the nights grown more social, every­one seems to be so tired that work on projects after din­ner doesn’t quite work out as imag­ined.

New ideas for projects still pop up every other sec­ond but we’re now slowly start­ing to focus more on specifics. Pedro seems to be nearly done with the OSCBus link to Pachube. And Francesco seems to be pol­ish­ing up his ants project some more, atleast it was rumoured that we can already get some inputs from both the fish and the ants for our promised audio mis­chief ses­sions. We haven’t quite man­aged to have some of those yet, but we def­i­nitely will. We should also prob­a­bly con­nect it to AssaultCube, just to reuse late night gam­ing pwnage from our gamer res­i­dents.

Sér­gio man­aged to get the hall lights also synced up to OSC so it’s now clear that com­plete and total world dom­i­na­tion is emi­nent.

Fil­ipe has been busy with his secret new projects and also pet-sit­ting his fishies, who seem not to be doing so great, prob­a­bly new water tank related, so they’re get­ting a new one tomor­row!

Jorge been busy all day build­ing a frame for his VJ mixer, it’s look­ing good by now, just wish my brain could already be able to fil­ter the dremel sound by now!

Cata­rina and Tiago tried to assem­ble a new breed of TV-B-Gone’s, but seem to have failed mis­er­ably so far. Hope­fully tomor­row they’ll suc­ceed in a lit­tle more than just find­ing all the pos­si­ble ways that it won’t work and we’ll have some­thing more to show and tell to the world.

The bio­plas­tic sam­ple tests have been some­what neglected but we promise we’ll report some­thing back about them. Guil­herme has returned to the res­i­dency and seems to be work­ing on some evil plans for world dom­i­na­tion for his robots, we hope to have some fol­low up info on that in the next few days aswell.

Mean­while Tara has been push­ing for­ward her plas­tic bag fab­ric PCB ideas with a few speaker cir­cuit tests.

All in all it seems that the daily project meet­ings have set­tled down to lunch hour. Which fluc­tu­ates. And excur­sions to the ran­dom local shops are now com­mon atleast twice a day. This care­fully devised and heav­ily pon­dered time man­age­ment scheme is eas­ily enabling us with the lat­est cut­ting edge tech­nol­ogy, which allows us to put together some­thing as exquis­ite, bril­liant, inno­v­a­tive, rev­o­lu­tion­ary and so right­eously ded­i­cated.