AZ ready for world domination

It took us a while, but practice makes perfect, and we’re now much closer to ridiculing Justin Bieber than we’ve ever been before!

You might have noticed what derived from our Residency @ Espa√ßo do Tempo, a dozen projects from several folks spread over the 3 labs exploring the robotic, the interactive, the sensorial, the tangible, the generative, the audiovisual, the augmented, the provocative, the performative and a few other of all those dirty little words you so much secretly love hearing about. Don’t be shy now. Nothing wrong with getting a little tangible now and again. ūüėČ

We even participated in a little exhibit last month at Pavilh√£o Atl√Ęntico to present these and a couple other works. And now we’re back with more weapons of mass destruction. And now, this very weekend we’re meeting up again for some holiday hacking follery at LCD to show some more of our projects and do a few mini-sprints. Feel free to join us. Lock up your geeks, we’re coming for them!

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Back in Lisbon

Hey all,

A few months ago our space has been moved from the center of Lisbon, to a place called Ginjal, for those who don’t know Lisbon it is by the other side of the river, not in the city.

Although the space was amazing the distance from the city, the creepy walk to get there and the hard winter conditions made us start thinking about getting our space back in the city. Also we noticed (probably because of the previous exposed reasons) the number of regular members was decreasing week by week.

We were planning to do this pretty soon, but one week ago we got noticed that we had to move out from the space in Ginjal as soon as possible, since it will be closed and demolished pretty soon (nothing surprising, since the building was showing external damages and in risk of collapsing).

So here we are, back in Lisbon! By coincidence or not, we are right on the place we started. But this time is different, we have rented two rooms for our hackerspace, since the previous existing business Geraldine has moved to another place in downtown. Continue reading “Back in Lisbon”

Sprint Project: [email protected]

No passado fim-de-semana decorreu mais um Lab Sprint AZ. Ao contr√°rio do habitual, desta vez sa√≠mos do nosso lab e dirigimo-nos de armas e bagagens para a aldeia de Ma√ßal do Ch√£o na regi√£o da Serra da Estrela. A nossa equipa era constitu√≠da por M√≥nica Mendes do altLab, Jo√£o Carvalho, Pedro √āngelo e Ricardo Lobo do LCD e Tiago Serra do xDA (que n√£o p√īde participar nesta etapa mas com quem continuamos a contar para desenvolvimento futuros). No Ma√ßal, tinhamos os nossos correspondentes locais a postos, Valter Cruz e Andr√© Correia.
O objectivo para este Sprint era dar o pontap√© de sa√≠da no projecto [email protected] proposto pela M√≥nica – para al√©m de ter participado activamente, no Sprint elaborou uma reportagem detalhada sobre o mesmo no seu blog. Este texto √© apenas um breve resumo dessa reportagem, de leitura essencial n√£o s√≥ pela descri√ß√£o do trabalho desenvolvido, mas tamb√©m pelo registo do conv√≠vio, de degusta√ß√£o obrigat√≥ria.

O objectivo para este Sprint era construir um prot√≥tipo da instala√ß√£o onde, no exterior, as pessoas abra√ßassem uma √°rvore, sendo essa interac√ß√£o registada por uma c√Ęmara e enviada para o interior da instala√ß√£o, onde os participantes poderiam ent√£o ver e manipular esse registo numa interface din√Ęmica.


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Call for developers

For those who have been present at alt lab meetings know by now that I’m currently developing a 3D Laser Printer.

Laser projection

As far as electronics everything is almost good to go with some minor tweaks, but I’m facing a giant problem now. I ¬†don’t have time to develop software for this pet and I don’t want it to be delayed for much longer than it already has been, so I’m requesting for kind hearted developers to step up and help me in this task.

Any help is welcome please contact me to lj dot [email protected] dot unl dot pt (replace “dot” for “.”).

Current device

Please adress this Git Hub repository for your kind code donations:

Explanation of device components.