So full of win!

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So it was, yes­ter­day AltLab mee­tup was full of win.
It star­ted with some­o­ne showing off his pro­ject, Laser Tag… no, no lase­rish paint­bal­lish kind of laser tag, it was more graf­fi­ti tag­ging, but using a laser poin­ter, a video pro­jec­tor, a came­ra and a kind off nifty software 🙂
Everyo­ne played with it, and hea­ded back insi­de, it was a kind of chilly in the back alley.Next, João Neves and me went on a date with Vio­le­ta… It was a kind of thre­e­so­me, but Vio­le­ta is AltLab Cup­ca­ke 3D printer!I tri­ed prin­ting a part from a Wal­la­ce, bat as usu­al, Vio­le­ta didn’t finished the print, and I was using my com­pu­ter, so the plot thickens! 🙁


The pro­blem is in the prin­ter, now we’­re cer­tain of this! We sca­ven­ged AltLab junk… err… the nice and very orga­ni­zed warehou­se for ATX PSU, and tri­ed a few, but that didn’t, so we plug­ged the ori­gi­nal one back, and it wor­ked! Vio­le­ta is prin­ting again, at least two parts for Franky (a mini-men­del) without a hit­ch, the futu­re will tell us.


And the piè­ce de résis­tan­ce was the first test of a ste­reo litho­graphy prin­ter… “what?!!?” it’s a 3D prin­ter using pho­to sen­si­ble resin as a medium, very impres­si­ve pie­ce of tech­no­logy. They made some expo­su­re tests to unders­tand how long they need to expo­se the resin for a per­fect cure, it’s around 15 seconds and they-re ready for the next layer 🙂 A full of win day!