The Makerbot that sang Happy Birthday


( via LCD )

The AZ Labs network is a family of sorts, and as the good family we are we com­me­mo­ra­te our mem­bers birth­days, hac­ker style ;)

First our fri­ends at Altlab made a hard(ware) cake last week to cele­bra­te XDA’s Tia­go Serra’s birth­day and took the chan­ce to test their spiffy new Altlab TV ustre­am channel

[ustre­am vid=“15957244”]

This week, we deci­ded to cele­bra­te our fri­end Catarina’s birth­day by making the Maker­bot we named after her sing Happy Birthday:

The hack was really easy to do, we just pul­led a MIDI file with the song from the web, edi­ted it to only have one track and pas­sed through michthom’s MIDI-to-CNC script to gene­ra­te the G‑Code for the bot.

Who­se birth­day is next and what will we do to cele­bra­te it?