altLab’s new hacking facility

This Tuesday Altlabs opened it’s new amazing hacking space. Now within an old planes suppling factory that was reconverted into the Flying House Lisboa a place that gathers music and urban artists.

This new place gives AltLab a great new infrastructure and location filled with possibilities. Since it’s a heavily industrialized area we can only wonder what new resources and contacts we will gather to continue improving AltLab as a Hackersapce.

2011-02-26 18.05.53

The Flying House Lisboa includes a lounge area with a café and small home restaurant on the second floor open to everyone on the building  and to AltLab’s members of course and a astonishing view over Lisbon’s airport.

2011-02-26 18.38.23

Right on our first weekly meeting there we kicked off with a soft circuits workshop by Catarina, no one would be better to debut our new space that one of our dear founding members.

2011-03-01 23.47.45

We even got time to finish assembling the Makerbot’s new rotating platform and extruder that we hope to have them ready to print as soon as possible.

As usual our door is wide open to everyone and we welcome all those lurking creative minds to bring great new ideas and projects to AltLab!