Violeta — Fixed and on tour


A cou­ple of weeks ago Luis Dinis, took Vio­le­ta for a demons­tra­ti­on @ IBM

Accor­ding to his report the pre­sen­ta­ti­on was a success 🙂


Entre os dias 10 e 13 de Julho, a “Vio­le­ta” este­ve em demons­tra­ção na IBM.

Esta opor­tu­ni­da­de sur­giu no âmbi­to da ini­ci­a­ti­va EX.I.T.E. — EXplo­rar os Inte­res­ses pela Tec­no­lo­gia e Enge­nha­ria que é rea­li­za­da em Por­tu­gal des­de 2005 e no âmbi­to das prá­ti­cas de res­pon­sa­bi­li­da­de soci­al da IBM.

Este pro­gra­ma glo­bal visa con­tri­buir para a redu­ção da dis­pa­ri­da­de de géne­ro, nome­a­da­men­te no que se refe­re ao aces­so às áre­as das enge­nha­ri­as e ciên­ci­as e ao tra­ba­lho cola­bo­ra­ti­vo, por par­te de jovens rapa­ri­gas na fai­xa etá­ria dos 11 aos 13 anos.

A “Vio­le­ta” fez um suces­so, espe­ci­al­men­te por­que o con­cei­to de impres­são em 3D é rela­ti­va­men­te recen­te e mais ain­da quan­do se per­ce­be que uma ino­va­ção des­tas pode ser fei­ta atra­vés da sim­ples cola­bo­ra­ção entre um gru­po de pessoas.”


Betwe­en the 10th and the 13th July, “Vio­let” went on demons­tra­ti­on at IBM.

This oppor­tu­nity sur­fa­ced from the EX.I.T.E (EXplo­re the Inte­rests for Tech­no­logy and Engi­ne­e­ring), ini­ti­a­ti­ve that has been orga­ni­zed in Por­tu­gal sin­ce 2005 and from IBM’s soci­al res­pon­si­bi­lity practices.

This glo­bal pro­gram aims to con­tri­bu­te to the reduc­ti­on on gen­der dis­pa­rity, namely brid­ge the ease of access to col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve work on the are­as of engi­ne­e­ring and sci­en­ces, for young girls with ages com­pri­sed from 11 to 13 years old.

“Vio­let” was a suc­cess, spe­ci­ally becau­se of the rela­ti­ve recent con­cept that is 3D Prin­ting, and more so when one rea­li­zes that such a inno­va­ti­on can be achi­e­ved by sim­ple group collaboration.”


This is not, but could as well be the start of a tour for vio­let. So to all of you that are rea­ding out the­re, if you want Vio­let to visit your scho­ol, your com­pany, your col­lec­ti­ve… form a group, wri­te the group names on a list and drop us a mail, chan­ces are you will be seeing Vio­let Live soon, here’s the press rele­a­se appro­ved by IBM


altLab Last Meetings — Update


We have been absent from posting news for a couple of weeks now, but we haven't been in no way inactive.

These last two meetings have been fruitfull, we have dedicated some time to fixing the telescope controller, the collective has new members and this new blood is pumping full of ideas.

It is time to talk back to the community, and tomorrow we will be putting up some investigations we have been up.

Here's a list of some things we will be updating tomorrow


- PCB workbench Project may come with a silkscreen flavour

- Dimension Elite testing @Fablab EDP, Violeta's Big Brother √

- Lasercut Testings @Fablab EDP

- Explorations on PCB creation techniques - The Silkscreen Method

- The Project's Project

- Violeta Fixed and going on Tour √


See you soon, here is a peek at some shots of the upcomming articles 😉