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AZLabs @ O Espaço do Tempo

After many days of work, stress and fun, we seem to have mana­ged to pull through 10 pro­jects to show­case at O Espaço do Tempo! The exhi­bi­tion ope­ned yes­ter­day, 12th July at Con­vento da Sau­da­ção and will remain in exhi­bit until the end of the month.

We also have a mini-site with bios of the authors and des­crip­ti­ons of the works, tem­po­ra­rily hos­ted here. Not only of the works pre­sent at the exhi­bi­tion but also a few others deve­lo­ped during the resi­dency that couldn’t be exhi­bi­ted by one rea­son or another. Check them out!

Big thanks are in order to everyone at O Espaço do Tempo for the oppor­tu­nity we had, and all the in loco sup­port to our needs, you rock. :)

AZLabs @ O Espaço Do Tempo (0day –2)

2 days to go until the exhi­bit ope­ning of the Audi­en­cia Zero Labs resi­dency at O Espaço Do Tempo!

A few folks seem to be mis­sing in action. Mau­ri­cio is back with some news from Inte­rac­ti­vos to lend us a hand on pen­ding pro­jects. Mónica and Pedro are still wor­king on B-wind!. Mar­ga­rida wor­king on his robot Freddy. Vic­tor Silva rehe­ar­sing his The Last Words of Domi­nico. Vic­tor and Marco wor­king on Dis­car­da­ble Beauty. Gui­lherme finishing his Róbo­tica Cri­a­tiva works. And me finishing up Meta Gen Haiku. Cata­rina and Joel should also show up tomo­row with their Micro Dérive.

Web­site with more info on the pre­sen­ted pro­jects should go online soon. In the mean­time if you should show up on Mon­day the 12th July in Montemor-O-Novo for the exhi­bit. We will have 7 pro­jects ins­tal­led under exhi­bi­tion until the 31st July, and 2 live­acts pre­sen­ted on the exhi­bi­tion day 12th July.

In the mean­time we’ll leave you with some impor­tant t-shirt quote mate­rial we have recen­tly acqui­red:
“48 horas são 6 dias de tra­ba­lho, em tur­nos de 8 horas“
“Eu só faço pro­jec­tion map­ping quando estou bêbado“
“Não tens pin­cel para isso. Vai antes de rolo.“
“Que­res falar ao tele­fone? Fala aí! *slap*”

AZ Labs Exhibition @ O Espaço do Tempo

LCD + AltLab + xDA
12 — 31 July 2010
Con­vento da Sau­da­ção | Montemor-o-Novo | Portugal

Exhi­bi­tion: Mon­day to Fri­day — 6pm / 11pm | Satur­day and Sun­day — 4pm /11pm
Ope­ning: 12th of July, 18h00

Artists : Cata­rina Mota | Filipe Cruz | Fran­cesco Cerutti | Gui­lherme Mar­tins | João Maia e Silva | Joël Belouet | Jorge Ribeiro | Pedro Ângelo | Mar­ga­rida Faria | Mau­rí­cio Mar­tins | Mónica Men­des | Marco Moura | Mari­ana Fer­reira | Mécia Sá | Ricardo Web­bens | Sér­gio Fer­reira | Tiago Serra | Vitor Lago Silva | Vic­tor Martins

This exhi­bi­tion pre­sents the results of a uni­que expe­ri­ment. For 17 days, 30 mem­bers of the Audi­en­cia Zero Labs from all over the coun­try and also abroad lived and wor­ked together on col­lec­tive pro­jects. New teams were for­med, infi­nite ideas pro­po­sed, new tools and tech­no­lo­gies expe­ri­men­ted with, incre­di­ble adven­tu­res lived and new fri­ends made. The pro­jects at this exhi­bit are just the tip of the veil, the true impact of this expe­ri­ence is yet to come.

More info @ O Espaço do Tempo

makerbot as microscope: what we learned

Joel Belouet has been wor­king on an art piece invol­ving micro­or­ga­nisms and nee­ded a sup­port struc­ture for his micros­cope camera. It turns out the Maker­Bot sit­ting on our table was the solution.

At first Joel atta­ched the camera to the z axis and the slide res­ted on the build plat­form, but it soon became clear that it would be much bet­ter to have the sam­ple remain still and the camera move ins­tead. Inver­ting the posi­ti­ons meant atta­ching the slide to the bot­tom of the z axis plat­form in order to pre­vent the camera lens from bum­ping against it. This setup also allowed him to use the z crank as a focus mecha­nism. (more…)

Workshop de Impressão 3D com Zach Hoeken (Lisboa)

3D Printing Workshop

Datas: 19 de Out a 1 de Nov de 2009

Local: Lis­boa (espaço a anunciar)


19:30 às 22:30 (dias de semana)

11:00 às 19:00 (fins de semana)

total de 58h

Infor­ma­ção e ins­cri­ções:


Orga­ni­za­ção: Audi­ên­cia Zero (altLab + LCD)

Con­tacto: cata­ri­na­mota (at) audi­en­ci­a­zero (dot) org

(ins­cri­ções aber­tas :: número limi­tado de vagas)


A impres­são 3D é uma forma ori­gi­nal de impres­são, no âmbito da tec­no­lo­gia de pro­to­ti­pa­gem, em que um objecto tri­di­men­si­o­nal é cri­ado por uma máquina a par­tir da acu­mu­la­ção de cama­das suces­si­vas de um dado mate­rial (Wiki­pe­dia).

O Workshop

O objec­tivo do workshop é a cons­tru­ção e uti­li­za­ção de uma impres­sora 3D open source (modelo Maker­Bot). Os par­ti­ci­pan­tes irão cons­truir a máquina de raiz: desde a mon­ta­gem das com­po­nen­tes elec­tró­ni­cas e extru­sor, pas­sando pela mecâ­nica, até à jun­ção de todas as peças. Irão ainda adqui­rir e aper­fei­çoar apti­dões e téc­ni­cas nas área de fabrico de elec­tró­nica, mecâ­nica, mode­la­ção 3D, fabri­ca­ção digi­tal e reso­lu­ção de pro­ble­mas com impres­so­ras 3D. O workshop será ainda um lugar pri­vi­le­gi­ado para adqui­rir conhe­ci­men­tos sobre os mais diver­sos tópi­cos, como teo­ria da elec­tró­nica, design de firmware, enge­nha­ria mecâ­nica, pro­to­co­los de série, fabri­ca­ção digi­tal e dese­nho 3D.

A impres­sora 3D cons­truída durante o workshop ficará pos­te­ri­or­mente dis­po­ní­vel para os mem­bros do altLab (qual­quer inte­res­sado se pode ins­cre­ver no altLab se assim o dese­jar). Os par­ti­ci­pan­tes que dese­jem cons­truir a sua pró­pria máquina, e levá-la para casa, terão que adqui­rir o res­pec­tivo kit open source no site da Maker­Bot.

Zach Hoe­ken

Zach Hoe­ken likes to dream big, fail big, and win big. His true pas­sion in life is acting as a catalyst and hel­ping others do ama­zing things. Whether it is cre­a­ting open source micro con­trol­lers (, robot con­trol­ler soft­ware (, object sha­ring web­si­tes (, self repli­ca­ting 3D prin­ters (, or hac­ker col­lec­ti­ves ( there is one cen­tral pur­pose: to help other peo­ple help them­sel­ves cre­ate an awe­some world to live in. He hopes that some­day we can cre­ate a world that sur­pas­ses even the wil­dest futu­res por­trayed in sci­ence fic­tion. He thinks the uni­verse is and will con­ti­nue to be com­ple­tely rad. Do you want to help?

Datas e Valo­res para ins­cri­ção no workshop:

Ins­cri­ções até 31 de Julho: 200€*

(50% no acto de ins­cri­ção + 50% até 19 de Setembro)

Ins­cri­ções após 31 de Julho: 250€*

(pagos no acto de inscrição)

* não reembolsável

3D printing workshop

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