Playable Papercraft Piano Box

Our foun­der Cata­rina Mota @ NYC Resis­tor

From NYC Resis­tor web­site

Eric Skiff wrote:

The piano box is a (somewhat polypho­nic) paper toy synthe­si­zer with 12 keys, each trig­ge­ring a tone and an LED. The keys are a set of capa­ci­tive sen­sors, made of cop­per tape, con­trol­led by an Arduino Mega run­ning the Cap­Sense and Tone libra­ries. The code for this pro­ject, writ­ten by Will Byrd and Cata­rina Mota, can be down­lo­a­dedhere. Ple­ase note that the cur­rent ver­sion of the Tone library has some pro­blems on Arduino 1.0. so it’s best to use ver­sion 23 or ear­lier.

The libra­ries used are avai­la­ble here:

Music: Chibi Ninja – from Resis­tor Anthems by Eric Skiff