AZ Labs @ O Espaço do Tempo


AZ Labs are back in res­i­dency at Mon­te­mor-o-Novo. This time we are try­ing to have a con­nect­ing theme for the cre­ative tech­nol­ogy hack­ing insan­ity. The plan for the next 10 days is to brain­storm, con­cep­tu­al­ize and pro­to­type project ideas for tan­gi­ble objects that can inter­act with each other and the envi­ron­ment.

We have folks attend­ing with all sorts of back­grounds: com­puter sci­ence, plas­tic arts, per­for­mance arts, elec­tron­ics, indus­trial fab­ri­ca­tion, graphic design, sound design, sta­tis­tics, soci­ol­ogy. We barely had time to intro­duce our­selves to the first timers and new ideas are already brew­ing. Plans for infrared com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Aug­mented real­ity envi­ron­ments. Radio sig­nal tri­an­gu­la­tions. LED boards and cubes. Mul­ti­ple kinect abuse. Let us wait and see into what these ideas will mature into.

Right now it’s 2 am, some folks already went to sleep while oth­ers are hard at work on per­sonal projects. Using one of the Maker­bots to print parts to build a Micro CNC. Try­ing to get the larger CNC work­ing again. Hack­ing mal­func­tion­ing audio adap­tors to cre­ate con­tact micro­phones. Imple­ment­ing some tan­gi­ble inter­ac­tion with the kinect. Test­ing out some things with Arduinos. Fail­ing to install ofx­P­TAM. The list goes on.

True hack­ing knows no sleep.