altLab’s new hacking facility

This Tues­day Alt­labs opened it’s new amaz­ing hack­ing space. Now within an old planes sup­pling fac­tory that was recon­verted into the Fly­ing House Lis­boa a place that gath­ers music and urban artists.

This new place gives Alt­Lab a great new infra­struc­ture and loca­tion filled with pos­si­bil­i­ties. Since it’s a heav­ily indus­tri­al­ized area we can only won­der what new resources and con­tacts we will gather to con­tinue improv­ing Alt­Lab as a Hack­er­sapce.

2011-02-26 18.05.53

The Fly­ing House Lis­boa includes a lounge area with a café and small home restau­rant on the sec­ond floor open to every­one on the build­ing  and to AltLab’s mem­bers of course and a aston­ish­ing view over Lisbon’s air­port.

2011-02-26 18.38.23

Right on our first weekly meet­ing there we kicked off with a soft cir­cuits work­shop by Cata­rina, no one would be bet­ter to debut our new space that one of our dear found­ing mem­bers.

2011-03-01 23.47.45

We even got time to fin­ish assem­bling the Makerbot’s new rotat­ing plat­form and extruder that we hope to have them ready to print as soon as pos­si­ble.

As usual our door is wide open to every­one and we wel­come all those lurk­ing cre­ative minds to bring great new ideas and projects to Alt­Lab!