AZLabs @ O Espaço Do Tempo (0day –2)

2 days to go until the exhibit open­ing of the Audi­en­cia Zero Labs res­i­dency at O Espaço Do Tempo!

A few folks seem to be miss­ing in action. Mauri­cio is back with some news from Inter­ac­tivos to lend us a hand on pend­ing projects. Mónica and Pedro are still work­ing on B-wind!. Mar­garida work­ing on his robot Freddy. Vic­tor Silva rehears­ing his The Last Words of Dominico. Vic­tor and Marco work­ing on Dis­card­able Beauty. Guil­herme fin­ish­ing his Róbot­ica Cria­tiva works. And me fin­ish­ing up Meta Gen Haiku. Cata­rina and Joel should also show up tomorow with their Micro Dérive.

Web­site with more info on the pre­sented projects should go online soon. In the mean­time if you should show up on Mon­day the 12th July in Mon­te­mor-O-Novo for the exhibit. We will have 7 projects installed under exhi­bi­tion until the 31st July, and 2 live­acts pre­sented on the exhi­bi­tion day 12th July.

In the mean­time we’ll leave you with some impor­tant t-shirt quote mate­r­ial we have recently acquired:
“48 horas são 6 dias de tra­balho, em turnos de 8 horas”
“Eu só faço pro­jec­tion map­ping quando estou bêbado”
“Não tens pin­cel para isso. Vai antes de rolo.”
“Queres falar ao tele­fone? Fala aí! *slap*”