Dissecting old hardware

The last two ses­sions at Alt­lab have been a tremen­dous fun!

We had been col­lect­ing lots of old hard­ware (pc’s, modems, moth­e­boards, cd-roms, print­ers, etc)  to give it a new pur­pose! Finally we decided to start to take profit from it.

Basi­cally in old hard­ware trash, there are lot’s of inter­est­ing things that still work very well (like motors,  leds, screens) and can be re-uti­lized in other projects.

Here we have some pic­tures of this activ­ity :

One of the results, a box full of motors :

So if you have in your place some old elec­tronic equip­ment stored that you are no plan­ing to use it any­more, you can bring it to Alt­Lab and we’ll take care of it! 😉

More pic­tures in our Flickr Photo Stream