a glove that lights up when you shake hands

light up glove

This mit­ten lights up when its wearer shakes hands with some­one. It has two exposed soft con­tacts around the thumb and across the palm which, when bridged by bare skin, turn on the LED embed­ded on the flower. The mit­ten itself was cre­ated by fash­ion designer Isabel Tomás, and we then sewed a sim­ple touch switch cir­cuit onto it using con­duc­tive fab­ric and thread. It also works with high fives and hold­ing hands 🙂

high five and holding hands

Isabel and I designed this as a soft cir­cuits exer­cise for some upcom­ing mate­ri­als work­shops. You can find all the instruc­tions and images we pre­pared for this pur­pose @ open­Ma­te­ri­als: