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LCD spring show

LCD spring show
Our fri­ends at LCD are having their semi­an­nual show this thurs­day. If your in Porto do stop by. There will be many awe­some pie­ces to see/play with, and lots of won­der­ful and cre­a­tive peo­ple to meet.

AltLab opening with paper arduinos

We are happy to intro­duce the paper­duino :D

This Tues­day AltLab had its first public ses­sion and we did a mini workshop on “paper­dui­nos”, a new gene­ra­tion of card­bo­ard ardui­nos. We had lots of fun and have many more ideas we’d like to try: dif­fe­rent layouts, colo­red papers, and other mate­ri­als. More info soon.

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