3D Printing, a disruptive technology…

Photo illus­tra­tion: Andrew B. Myers


3D Prin­ting seems to be finally hit­ting the mains­tream.

Peo­ple are becom­ming aware of this new old tec­no­logy, much due to the fact that the avai­la­bi­lity and open sour­ce­ness of it is plun­ging down the cost of model prin­ting.

The rea­lity of this is fal­ling like a ham­mer in the indus­try that is star­ting to see how dis­rup­tive this tech will be. So much that law suits over copy­right have star­ted to hap­pen as we write.


Games Workshop, the UK-based firm that makes Warham­mer, noti­ced Valenty’s work and sent Thin­gi­verse a take­down notice, citing the Digi­tal Mil­len­nium Copy­right Act. Thin­gi­verse remo­ved the files, and Valenty sud­denly

became an unwil­ling com­ba­tant in the next digi­tal war: the fight over copying phy­si­cal objects.


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