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Mauricio Martins.
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Coordinator of altLab Lisbon’s Hackerspace, a community-based and community-building collective dedicated to independent research. Maker of Things, Tinkerer, and Open Source advocate. Works mainly as Collaborative Project Developer focused on DIY Experimentation with Electronics, Physical Computing and Digital Fabrication.

Actual coordinator of Altlab – Lisbon’s Hackerspace

Experiência em eletrónica, desenho de interação e vídeo produção.
Defensor e promotor do uso do software e hardware livres (open-source software&hardware).
Desenvolve projetos nas áreas de computação física, interfaces tangíveis e interativas.
Organiza workshops na área do DIY (do it yourself) e fabricação digital.
Colabora com diversos artistas portugueses no desenvolvimento de soluções interativas.

1998 – 2002 : É diretor técnico audiovisual Praça Sony, Expo’98. – Lisboa
2002 – > : Lança website para prestação de serviços audiovisuais.
2010 : Participa como colaborador no Interactivos’10, Medialab Prado – Madrid.
2010 – > : Coordena altLab – Lisbon´s Hackerspace.
2010 – > : Colabora na área de hardware para computação física nas empresas NearInteraction e ArticaCC.
2010 : Participa na residência AZ no Espaço do Tempo – Montemor-o-Novo.
2011 : Organiza e coordena evento na área da fabricação digital, FabriCamp LX1 no Pavilhão do Conhecimento – Lisboa.
2011 – > : Lança website para prestação de serviços e venda de artigos na área da computação física.
2011 : Organiza e coordena Residência AZ “Tangíveis” no Espaço do Tempo – Montemor-o-Novo.
2011 : Idealiza projeto “Nuclear Taco Helmet Sensor Gameshow” e coordena equipa vencedora do primeiro prémio do público no Codebits V.
2011 – 2012 : Organiza workshops na área da Eletrónica DIY no Festival Cidade PreOcupada – Montemor-o-Novo.
2012 : Desenvolve em conjunto com a empresa ArticaCC soluções interactivas para campanha publicitária da Adidas na Liga dos Campeões. – Munique.
2012 : Organiza e coordena workshop para construção de impressoras 3D no FabLab EDP.
2012 : Participa a convite do Pav. do Conhecimento no workshop “Thinkering Studio Implementation” no Exploratorium. – São Francisco, EUA.

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Why we need Open, Hackable Materials now – An Interview with Catarina Mota ( our founder :P )


Why we need Open, Hac­ka­ble Mate­ri­als now – An Inter­view with Cata­rina Mota @ Mee­dabyte.

Catarina Mota

I had the oppor­tu­nity to get in touch with  Cata­rina Mota recen­tly, while I was hel­ping my fri­ends at openp­Pi­cus, to con­nect with the Open Source Hard­ware Asso­ci­a­tion. She is, no doubt, amongst the most emi­nent repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of the Hac­king­mo­ve­ment. To me, it’s extre­mely impres­sive though how one of the lea­ders of this revo­lu­tion is coming right from out­side the tech­no­lo­gi­cal world and actu­ally has a com­mu­ni­ca­tion sci­en­ces and film col­lege back­ground. When I asked her to tell me a brief recap of her expe­ri­ence of hac­king, she gave a really insight­ful and detai­led story.

Our founder Catarina Mota @ TEDGlobal 2012


‘To be equip­ped for the future, you need to know smart mate­ri­als’:
Cata­rina Mota at TED­Glo­bal 2012


Catarina Mota at TEDGlobal 2012

Cata­rina Mota has many fri­ends. One of her friend’s fathers, when her fri­end was a kid, built a vehi­cle out of a bicy­cle and washing machine, because the family couldn’t afford a car. Cul­tu­rally, we used to know how to make and fix everything. As the 20th cen­tury pro­gres­sed, we lost that abi­lity, but thanks to the maker com­mu­nity, we are slo­wly get­ting it back. By fos­te­ring the deve­lop­ment and inven­tion of new smart mate­ri­als, Cata­rina hopes to help makers reach the next level.

What are smart mate­ri­als? Fun­da­men­tally, they’re mate­ri­als we are alre­ady incre­di­bly fami­liar with like paint, paper and plas­tic. The trick is, all of these mate­ri­als now come with a twist. Paint and ink, for exam­ple, can now con­duct elec­tri­city such that peo­ple are able to paint cir­cuits with a brush or, with the addi­tion of a mag­net, make a spe­a­ker out of a sheet of paper. Acry­lic, a type of plas­tic, can now be infu­sed with light dif­fu­sing par­ti­cles so light can reflect through its entire sur­face ins­tead of just the edges. What this means prac­ti­cally is, by flip­ping a light switch, you can turn your win­dows from see-through to opa­que. Ther­mo­ch­ro­mic pig­ments can be added to plas­tics so you can see when your baby’s bot­tle is hot. Pos­si­bi­li­ties are beco­ming endless.

Howe­ver, in order to har­ness the full poten­tial of these mate­ri­als, Cata­rina beli­e­ves that we need to have a dee­per unders­tan­ding of the com­po­nents that are making up our world. We need to have a dee­per unders­tan­ding because when we do, we are able to shape the objects we use ins­tead of those objects sha­ping use. Beyond being savvy con­su­mers, by del­ving into tin­ke­ring, we open the doors to inno­va­tion. From moun­tain bikes to air­pla­nes, semi-conductors to com­pu­ters, his­tory has repe­a­te­dly shown that it’s been the ama­teurs who have been the sig­ni­fi­cant inven­tors and impro­vers of the world.

To bols­ter the tin­ke­rers’ abi­lity to cre­ate, Cata­rina co-founded, a web­site where peo­ple publish infor­ma­tion and aggre­gate rese­arch, papers, and tuto­ri­als by other makers. Her ove­rall mes­sage is sim­ple: draw from the expe­ri­ments of the crowd and unders­tand smart mate­ri­als. Like lear­ning about com­pu­ters in the 1970s, the best way to ensure we have a say in our future is to acquire pre-emptive kno­wledge of emer­ging tech­no­lo­gies now.

Catarina Mota at TEDGlobal 2012

Pho­tos by James Dun­can David­son

VIA [TED Blog]

We’re supporting Cidade PreOcupada Festival!


Ofi­ci­nas do Con­vento | uma co-produção com a Câmara Muni­ci­pal de Montemor-o-Novo
A IV edi­ção do fes­ti­val Cidade Pre0cupada resol­veu esprei­tar além-fronteiras e tra­zer até Montemor-o-Novo o Chile, a Holanda, a Espa­nha, a China, Cabo Verde e Japão. Música, Cinema, Con­fe­rên­cias, Workshops, Resi­dên­cias Artís­ti­cas, Expo­si­ções, Ins­ta­la­ções e Ani­ma­ção vol­tam a recla­mar a cidade, inva­dindo con­ven­tos, fes­tas popu­la­res, jar­dins e ter­rei­ros, mer­ca­dos e soci­e­da­des. Espe­ra­mos por vocês na cidade criativa.


André Sier (PT), Clara Brito (PT), Car­los Maza (CL), Dead J (CH), Dora S (CH), DJ Mar­celle (HL), Gecko Tur­ner (ES), João Bas­tos (PT), Ka Keong (CH), Lula’s Cachupa Psi­ca­dé­lica (CV), Magau (PT), Manuel Silva (PT), Nuno Lemos (PT), Onishi Yasu­aki (JP), Peng Yun (CH), Ran­cho Fol­cló­rico e Etno­grá­fico Mon­te­mo­rense (PT), Tiago Fróis (PT), Tiago Pereira (PT)


A Música Por­tu­guesa a Gos­tar Dela Pró­pria, Alt_Lab, Asso­ci­a­ção Cul­tu­ral +853, Asso­ci­a­ção Espaço do Tempo, Câmara Muni­ci­pal de Montemor-o-Novo, Casa João Cidade, Casa de Harina, Cen­tro de Ciên­cia Viva de Estre­moz, Coo­pe­ra­tiva Cul­tu­ral PIA, CUT – Asso­ci­a­ção Cul­tu­ral, Fil­mes da Praça, Indi­e­Lis­boa, Junta de Fre­gue­sia de N.ª S.ª da Vila, Lines_Lab, Rede de Cida­da­nia de Montemor-o-Novo


Workshop PCBs — Photo Report


OF007-LX Workshop openFrameworks

> Ins­cri­ções abertas!

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Workshop Fabricação de Placas de Circuito Impresso (PCB)

> Ins­cri­ções aber­tas!


Workshop Fabricação de Placas de Circuito Impresso (PCB)

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