3D Printer Workshop — Building 5 Prusa Air 2


A AZLabs (rede de lab­o­ratórios da Audiên­cia Zero), em par­ceiria com os Fablab EDP e Fablab Coim­bra, está a realizar este work­shop para a con­strução de cinco impres­so­ras 3D, mod­elo Prusa Air2.

São cinco os par­tic­i­pantes que estão a con­struir a sua própria impres­sora 3D, a AZLabs, Fablab EDP, Fablab Coim­bra, YDreams, e o Pavil­hão do Con­hec­i­mento — Ciên­cia Viva.

Com a coor­de­nação do Mauri­cio Mar­tins, e após 4 sessões o work­shop já vai numa fase bas­tante adi­antada como podem ver  neste album de fotos 😉

Em breve ter­e­mos mais notí­cias, fiquem aten­tos!


Our founder, Catarina Mota @Ada Lovelace Day


phd fel­low, co-founder of @openmaterials and @altlab, mem­ber of @nycresistor and OSHWA.org, co-chair of the Open Hard­ware Sum­mit, TED fel­low

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Creative Politics Artistic Residency

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Some mem­bers of the AZ Labs com­mu­nity have been gath­er­ing in artis­tic res­i­dency in Guimarães once more, the topic for this res­i­dency is Cre­ative Pol­i­tics, mean­ing to come up ideas and projects con­nect­ing the cit­i­zens back with the polit­i­cal sys­tem. Com­plain­ing is easy, pre­sent­ing solu­tions is harder. Cit­i­zens feel dis­con­nected with pol­i­tics and dis­en­gage them­selves from these issues. We are try­ing to counter that with artis­tic or oth­er­wise use­ful projects and pro­pos­als.

Dur­ing the first week­end we had run­ning at LCD a par­al­lel event named Antropocode, part of the Atlantic Arc Sum­mer of Labs 2012. Dur­ing the week­end over a dozen artists and hack­ers from Por­tu­gal and Spain were gath­ered devel­op­ing con­cepts and projects in a hack­a­ton about the bor­der­line of body and tech­nol­ogy. Some of the projects were also related to the cre­ative pol­i­tics theme.

The hack­a­ton is now over but the Cre­ative Pol­i­tics artis­tic res­i­dency con­tin­ues with a dozen other folks, mostly folks from Por­tu­gal but also includ­ing some for­eign­ers. The first days have been focused on brain­storm­ing project ideas. You can find more infor­ma­tion on our wiki.

Some exam­ples of projects cur­rently being devel­oped:

  • Reclaim­ing Data
    Research and doc­u­men­ta­tion of open data ini­tia­tives in Por­tu­gal, the end goal is to develop a viral video call­ing for more active par­tic­i­pa­tion and involve­ment from the cit­i­zens or a webtool to request miss­ing data.
  • Hack­ing Urban Resources
    Research and doc­u­men­ta­tion of ways to hack urban resources to improve the way of life at a local level in Guimarães, bring­ing back the con­trol of the city to the cit­i­zens. A sam­ple book on how to re-appro­pri­ate, re-use local resources and also on how to re-learn use­ful old skills.
  • Polit­i­cal Man­ager
    A web based game where you play the role of a ris­ing politi­cian and have to improve your skills to build your career with­out suc­cumb­ing to the pres­sures of the dark side.
  • Com­par­a­tive News
    The goal of this project is to help cit­i­zens under­stand the trends and ten­den­cies in the polit­i­cal dis­course that the media present to them every­day. The strat­egy is to com­pare dif­fer­ent sources of infor­ma­tion, like news­pa­pers, radio and tele­vi­sion using data visu­al­iza­tion. The intu­ition behind this project is that com­par­ing sources enable peo­ple to see the big pic­ture, to iden­tify what’s impor­tant and what’s not.

[AZSA_01] LCD Mostra-se


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Sum­mer was get­ting bor­ing so i decided to make a new album and start a new net­la­bel.
The album is called LCD Mostra-se” and is a col­lec­tion of field record­ings from the self-titled event that occured in Guimarães on the 21 and 22 of July, orga­nized by our LCDbroth­ers.


It’s avail­able free for down­load as the first release of Audiên­cia Zero Sound Archives, the newly formed net­la­bel ded­i­cated to release audioworks related to our Audiên­cia Zero labs net­work (LCD, xDA and alt­Lab).