Call for developers

For those who have been present at alt lab meet­ings know by now that I’m cur­rently devel­op­ing a 3D Laser Printer.

Laser pro­jec­tion

As far as elec­tron­ics every­thing is almost good to go with some minor tweaks, but I’m fac­ing a giant prob­lem now. I  don’t have time to develop soft­ware for this pet and I don’t want it to be delayed for much longer than it already has been, so I’m request­ing for kind hearted devel­op­ers to step up and help me in this task.

Any help is wel­come please con­tact me to lj dot marques@fct dot unl dot pt (replace “dot” for “.”).

Cur­rent device

Please adress this Git Hub repos­i­tory for your kind code dona­tions:

Expla­na­tion of device com­po­nents.