Pedro Ângelo

Interactive software research consultant, and PhD student in Digital Media at the UT Austin|Portugal program. Drummer, kendo-ka, samplista, Free Software and Free Culture hacktivist.

Current Projects


A DIY NIR+Visible spectrometer


An automated and energy-eficient DIY aeroponics setup.

Synth Blocks

An exploratory project for building a set of basic open hardware synths that can be used to teach basic electronics, audio DSP and sound synthesis.


Ideas on lowering the access barriers to custom surfboard design and production using new materials and digital fabrication.

Documenta 2

Next iteration of the Documenta collaborative project documentation system

Documenta Mobile App

A mobile app to help altlab members to document their projects on the spot.

ARTiVIS DIY Forest Surveillance Kit

A low cost Open Hardware video streaming kit.

Project Ideas

Assorted notes on ideas I have for projects. If something sparks your curiosity, get in touch :)

solar backpack

A solar powered charger for my electronics that fits my backpack.

open 2d printer

An open hardware 2d inkjet printer.


Sensors that measure electric response to external stimuli in plants. Based on this art project I did some time ago

focus stacking rig

An automated hardware + software rig to make focus stacked photography.

Modela upgrades

Random ideas to help make the best of FabLab's Roland MD-20 CNC machine (mostly concerned with replacing the use of proprietary tools for PCB cutting)

Smart Lab

Notes on how to leverage distributed systems and and IoT technologies to improve the lab experience

Older Projects

I - Interactive Sound Installation

An interactive sound art installation presented at the LCD project showcase, part of the 2012 European Capital of Culture.