AZ ready for world domination

It took us a whi­le, but prac­ti­ce makes per­fect, and we’re now much clo­ser to ridi­cu­ling Jus­tin Bie­ber than we’ve ever been befo­re!

You might have noti­ced what deri­ved from our Resi­dency @ Espa­ço do Tem­po, a dozen pro­jects from seve­ral folks spre­ad over the 3 labs explo­ring the robo­tic, the inte­rac­ti­ve, the sen­so­ri­al, the tan­gi­ble, the gene­ra­ti­ve, the audi­o­vi­su­al, the aug­men­ted, the pro­vo­ca­ti­ve, the per­for­ma­ti­ve and a few other of all tho­se dirty lit­tle words you so much secre­tly love hea­ring about. Don’t be shy now. Nothing wrong with get­ting a lit­tle tan­gi­ble now and again. 😉

We even par­ti­ci­pa­ted in a lit­tle exhi­bit last month at Pavi­lhão Atlân­ti­co to pre­sent the­se and a cou­ple other works. And now we’re back with more wea­pons of mass des­truc­ti­on. And now, this very wee­kend we’re mee­ting up again for some holi­day hac­king fol­lery at LCD to show some more of our pro­jects and do a few mini-sprints. Feel free to join us. Lock up your geeks, we’re coming for them!

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Back in Lisbon

Hey all,

A few months ago our spa­ce has been moved from the cen­ter of Lis­bon, to a pla­ce cal­led Gin­jal, for tho­se who don’t know Lis­bon it is by the other side of the river, not in the city.

Although the spa­ce was ama­zing the dis­tan­ce from the city, the cre­epy walk to get the­re and the hard win­ter con­di­ti­ons made us start thin­king about get­ting our spa­ce back in the city. Also we noti­ced (pro­ba­bly becau­se of the pre­vi­ous expo­sed rea­sons) the num­ber of regu­lar mem­bers was decre­a­sing week by week.

We were plan­ning to do this pretty soon, but one week ago we got noti­ced that we had to move out from the spa­ce in Gin­jal as soon as pos­si­ble, sin­ce it will be clo­sed and demo­lished pretty soon (nothing sur­pri­sing, sin­ce the buil­ding was showing exter­nal dama­ges and in risk of col­lap­sing).

So here we are, back in Lis­bon! By coin­ci­den­ce or not, we are right on the pla­ce we star­ted. But this time is dif­fe­rent, we have ren­ted two rooms for our hac­kers­pa­ce, sin­ce the pre­vi­ous exis­ting busi­ness Geral­di­ne has moved to another pla­ce in down­town. Con­ti­nue rea­ding “Back in Lis­bon”

Sprint Project: [email protected]

No pas­sa­do fim-de-sema­na decor­reu mais um Lab Sprint AZ. Ao con­trá­rio do habi­tu­al, des­ta vez saí­mos do nos­so lab e diri­gi­mo-nos de armas e baga­gens para a aldeia de Maçal do Chão na região da Ser­ra da Estre­la. A nos­sa equi­pa era cons­ti­tuí­da por Móni­ca Men­des do altLab, João Car­va­lho, Pedro Ânge­lo e Ricar­do Lobo do LCD e Tia­go Ser­ra do xDA (que não pôde par­ti­ci­par nes­ta eta­pa mas com quem con­ti­nu­a­mos a con­tar para desen­vol­vi­men­to futu­ros). No Maçal, tinha­mos os nos­sos cor­res­pon­den­tes locais a pos­tos, Val­ter Cruz e André Cor­reia.
O objec­ti­vo para este Sprint era dar o pon­ta­pé de saí­da no pro­jec­to [email protected] pro­pos­to pela Móni­ca — para além de ter par­ti­ci­pa­do acti­va­men­te, no Sprint ela­bo­rou uma repor­ta­gem deta­lha­da sobre o mes­mo no seu blog. Este tex­to é ape­nas um bre­ve resu­mo des­sa repor­ta­gem, de lei­tu­ra essen­ci­al não só pela des­cri­ção do tra­ba­lho desen­vol­vi­do, mas tam­bém pelo regis­to do con­ví­vio, de degus­ta­ção obri­ga­tó­ria.

O objec­ti­vo para este Sprint era cons­truir um pro­tó­ti­po da ins­ta­la­ção onde, no exte­ri­or, as pes­so­as abra­ças­sem uma árvo­re, sen­do essa inte­rac­ção regis­ta­da por uma câma­ra e envi­a­da para o inte­ri­or da ins­ta­la­ção, onde os par­ti­ci­pan­tes pode­ri­am então ver e mani­pu­lar esse regis­to numa inter­fa­ce dinâ­mi­ca.


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Call for developers

For tho­se who have been pre­sent at alt lab mee­tings know by now that I’m cur­ren­tly deve­lo­ping a 3D Laser Prin­ter.

Laser pro­jec­ti­on

As far as elec­tro­nics everything is almost good to go with some minor twe­aks, but I’m facing a giant pro­blem now. I  don’t have time to deve­lop soft­ware for this pet and I don’t want it to be delayed for much lon­ger than it alre­ady has been, so I’m reques­ting for kind hear­ted deve­lo­pers to step up and help me in this task.

Any help is wel­co­me ple­a­se con­tact me to lj dot [email protected] dot unl dot pt (repla­ce “dot” for “.”).

Cur­rent devi­ce

Ple­a­se adress this Git Hub repo­si­tory for your kind code dona­ti­ons:

Expla­na­ti­on of devi­ce com­po­nents.