Motivate u$

This cam­paign, cal­led “Moti­vate us”, is to raise funds for our pro­jects.
We’ve added a Pled­gie for most of the pro­jects we have and will be adding more soon.
Browse the pro­jects below, and if you like a pro­ject and want to see it com­ple­ted soo­ner,
ple­ase give your con­tri­bu­tion to it.

In addi­tion, we also have an altlab sou­ve­nir , this cool T-Shirt !




This is a t-shirt sel­ling cam­paign to help us raise money for our pro­jects.
We appre­ci­ate the sup­port of anyone who is wil­ling to pur­chase one for just €10.

3 Colors avai­la­ble: Black, Red and Blue.

You can buy one at altLab’s events or in one of our Open Ses­si­ons, every Tuesday!

altLab Mem­bers, only for 8€ !

altLab Team



Flickr Pro Account : 34.00€ 15678.png  
XBox — KINECT : 90.00€ 15430.png  
CNC Rou­ter : 800,00€ 15088.png  
Video Pro­jec­tor : 315.00€ 15157.png  
altlab’s 3D Prin­ter : 215.00€ 14416.png
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