Back in Lisbon

Hey all,

A few months ago our space has been moved from the cen­ter of Lis­bon, to a place cal­led Gin­jal, for those who don’t know Lis­bon it is by the other side of the river, not in the city.

Although the space was ama­zing the dis­tance from the city, the cre­epy walk to get there and the hard win­ter con­di­ti­ons made us start thin­king about get­ting our space back in the city. Also we noti­ced (pro­ba­bly because of the pre­vi­ous expo­sed rea­sons) the num­ber of regu­lar mem­bers was decre­a­sing week by week.

We were plan­ning to do this pretty soon, but one week ago we got noti­ced that we had to move out from the space in Gin­jal as soon as pos­si­ble, since it will be clo­sed and demo­lished pretty soon (nothing sur­pri­sing, since the buil­ding was showing exter­nal dama­ges and in risk of col­lap­sing).

So here we are, back in Lis­bon! By coin­ci­dence or not, we are right on the place we star­ted. But this time is dif­fe­rent, we have ren­ted two rooms for our hac­kers­pace, since the pre­vi­ous exis­ting busi­ness Geral­dine has moved to another place in down­town. Con­ti­nue rea­ding “Back in Lis­bon”

Workshops at BetaLab

In the next weeks we’ll be giving two workshops at Beta­Lab, a co-wor­king space orga­ni­zed by betahaus| within the Chi­ado-After-Work pro­gram.

Here’s all the infor­ma­tion and workshops’ sche­dule (in Por­tu­guese):

Workshop DIY Kine­tic Solar­Bots — Cons­trua o seu pró­prio robot ciné­tico solar.

Neste workshop os par­ti­ci­pan­tes vão cons­truir um pequeno robot ciné­tico atra­vés da mon­ta­gem de um cir­cuito solar com um pequeno motor e do design/modelagem do corpo do robot com Shmel­zo­lan (plás­tico uti­li­zado em arte­sa­nato).

Datas : 12 de Maio / 19 de Maio / 26 de Maio

Horá­rio : 17h — 21h

Preço : 25 Euros/Pessoa

Local : Rua Gar­rett, 70 (Baixa, Lis­boa)

CC : Video by xda­te­lier (

Workshop Elec­tró­nica Apren­der a sol­dar

Qual­quer pes­soa é capaz de fazer uma boa sol­da­dura, é só uma ques­tão de prá­tica! Neste workshop apren­de­mos a sol­dar cons­truindo cir­cui­tos muito diver­ti­dos como o Pisca-Pisca LED, uPONG (Retro Video GAME), Draw­dio (um lápis/pincel que emite sons enquanto dese­nhá­mos) entre outros.

Datas : 14 de Maio / 21 de Maio / 28 de Maio

Horá­rio : 17h — 21h

Preço : entre 10 — 35  Euros/Pessoa (con­so­ante o kit selec­ci­o­nado para cons­truir)

Local : Rua Gar­rett, 70 (Baixa, Lis­boa)

CC : Photo by LadyAda (

A ins­cri­ção para qual­quer um dos workshops numa das das dis­po­ní­veis deve ser efec­tu­ada via email para o ende­reço :

We’re still around!

Maybe you’ve noti­ced that we haven’t upda­ted our blog much in these last weeks !

But don’t worry, we’re still around and ready to rock.

There is actu­ally a major rea­son for this tem­po­rary break on news, we just moved to a new and great space (check here some pic­tu­res). It is just an ama­zing place to run a hac­kers­pace like ours!

This is just a small video showing all the work we are doing to get the new space ready.

We hope to have it all ready in the begin­ning of the next month, so stay tuned! 😉

Dissecting old hardware

The last two ses­si­ons at Altlab have been a tre­men­dous fun!

We had been col­lec­ting lots of old hard­ware (pc’s, modems, mothe­bo­ards, cd-roms, prin­ters, etc)  to give it a new pur­pose! Finally we deci­ded to start to take pro­fit from it.

Basi­cally in old hard­ware trash, there are lot’s of inte­res­ting things that still work very well (like motors,  leds, scre­ens) and can be re-uti­li­zed in other pro­jects.

Here we have some pic­tu­res of this acti­vity :

One of the results, a box full of motors :

So if you have in your place some old elec­tro­nic equip­ment sto­red that you are no pla­ning to use it any­more, you can bring it to AltLab and we’ll take care of it! 😉

More pic­tu­res in our Flickr Photo Stream