food for your stomach

Fee­ding 15 sleep depri­ved hac­kers is not an easy task and during the AZ Resi­dency only 3 peo­ple were brave enough to put their culi­nary talents to the test: Joel, Vitor and Mari­ana. Everyone agreed that their home­made meals were awe­some and no bug reports were filed. Since we beli­eve in sha­ring, here are Joel’s deli­ci­ous open source reci­pes (in french comme il faut):

Salad Dres­sing [ VO ]

4 cuillère à soupe d’huile d’olive
3 cuillère à soupe de vinai­gre bal­sa­mi­que
2 cuillère à café de miel

Goû­ter et ajus­ter : si trop sucré, ajou­ter du vinai­gre / si trop amer, ajou­ter du miel.

Bask Chic­ken [ VO ]

Pré­voir un bon mor­ceau de pou­let pour cha­cun des invi­tés
Sauce tomate

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altlab goes on vacation

Since it’s really hot and most of our mem­bers are hea­ded towards the beach for some well deser­ved vaca­ti­ons, we won’t be hol­ding our Tues­day night public ses­si­ons until the end of August. Have a great sum­mer and see you in Sep­tem­ber!

Caros ami­gos: o esta­be­le­ci­mento altlab encon­tra-se encer­rado até ao final do mês de Agosto para des­canso do pes­soal. A gerên­cia agra­dece a vossa pre­fe­rên­cia e espera ver-vos de novo em Setem­bro 🙂

AZ Labs Exhibition @ O Espaço do Tempo

LCD + AltLab + xDA
12 — 31 July 2010
Con­vento da Sau­da­ção | Mon­te­mor-o-Novo | Por­tu­gal

Exhi­bi­tion: Mon­day to Fri­day — 6pm / 11pm | Satur­day and Sun­day — 4pm /11pm
Ope­ning: 12th of July, 18h00

Artists : Cata­rina Mota | Filipe Cruz | Fran­cesco Cerutti | Gui­lherme Mar­tins | João Maia e Silva | Joël Belouet | Jorge Ribeiro | Pedro Ângelo | Mar­ga­rida Faria | Mau­rí­cio Mar­tins | Mónica Men­des | Marco Moura | Mari­ana Fer­reira | Mécia Sá | Ricardo Web­bens | Sér­gio Fer­reira | Tiago Serra | Vitor Lago Silva | Vic­tor Mar­tins

This exhi­bi­tion pre­sents the results of a uni­que expe­ri­ment. For 17 days, 30 mem­bers of the Audi­en­cia Zero Labs from all over the coun­try and also abroad lived and wor­ked together on col­lec­tive pro­jects. New teams were for­med, infi­nite ideas pro­po­sed, new tools and tech­no­lo­gies expe­ri­men­ted with, incre­di­ble adven­tu­res lived and new fri­ends made. The pro­jects at this exhi­bit are just the tip of the veil, the true impact of this expe­ri­ence is yet to come.

More info @ O Espaço do Tempo

makerbot as microscope: what we learned

Joel Belouet has been wor­king on an art piece invol­ving micro­or­ga­nisms and nee­ded a sup­port struc­ture for his micros­cope camera. It turns out the Maker­Bot sit­ting on our table was the solu­tion.

At first Joel atta­ched the camera to the z axis and the slide res­ted on the build plat­form, but it soon became clear that it would be much bet­ter to have the sam­ple remain still and the camera move ins­tead. Inver­ting the posi­ti­ons meant atta­ching the slide to the bot­tom of the z axis plat­form in order to pre­vent the camera lens from bum­ping against it. This setup also allowed him to use the z crank as a focus mecha­nism. Con­ti­nue rea­ding “maker­bot as micros­cope: what we lear­ned”