RepRap Gen7 PCB… check!

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Today went back to AltLab for a lit­tle lear­ning expe­ri­ence. A great fri­end of mine, Fer­nando Afonso, came to Lis­bon to the launch of MEO Kanal, a pro­duct he hel­ped brin­ging to life. Since he was here, he was invi­ted by AltLab to give a small workshop on “PCB Making… The Fer­nando Afonso way”. :)The method used was Toner Trans­fer, where you print the cir­cuit layout with a laser prin­ter on cheap maga­zine paper (the more glos­sier is bet­ter), then, with the toner side over the cop­per side and woot… the “sandwich” off it go into a sligh­tly modi­fied lami­na­tor (around 10 times) and the it’s sub­mer­ged in fre­e­zing cold water.The low qua­lity maga­zine paper it’s easily scrub­bed off the pcb and it’s ready to the acid bath.
We used Acid Cupric Chlo­ride as etchant, when the pcb is sub­mer­ged  it turns into a… kryp­to­nite green… spo­oky I say!In the end we’ve got a Gene­ra­tion 7 Elec­tro­nics pcb for the Prusa Air… next step, buy the com­po­nents and sol­de­ring it 😀