AZ Labs @ O Espaço do Tempo

Day three is alre­ady upon us at the AZ Labs Resi­dency. Folks still hap­pily hac­king away day and night.

Run to the local chi­nese store brought back some hac­ka­ble goo­dies like color­ful balls, a giant rubik’s cube and some woo­den boxes. Andrea Ino­cên­cio was assig­ned to dril­ling duty after finishing up with the mane­quin head. Ricardo Web­bens left behind his radio loca­tion arduino cir­cuit pro­toty­pes for me to test.

César Coe­lho took the time to learn some new soft­ware stuff. Tiago Serra is cur­ren­tly trying to make the kinect and the arduino talk with each other and make some annoying sinus sounds. André Sier spent the after­noon hac­king with Mau­ri­cio Mar­tins pro­gram­ming the ardui­nos with ir detec­tion to give some ran­dom blips and blops.

Tiago Rorke is almost finished with prin­ting and san­ding the hard­ware of his revo­lu­ti­o­nary Micro CNC. Ricardo Lobo tried des­pe­ra­tly to get the other Maker­bot wor­king. Pedro Ângelo sec­clu­ded him­self to code some kinect stuff for Play With Fire. Filipe Cruz spent some time tes­ting new ver­si­ons of kinect libra­ries and ran­dom iPad deve­lop­ment.

Ivo Andrade drop­ped by to enhance his pro­ject of the boy sit­ting on a metal cube. Patri­cia Pro­ença sket­ched some con­cept art. Other folks were also wal­king around loo­king busy and dis­cus­sing ideas. 7 more days to go.