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#ADA11 – Catarina Mota, openMaterials


#ADA11 – Cata­rina Mota, open­Ma­te­ri­als

I’m cofounder of open­Ma­te­ri­als (a col­lec­tive research project ded­i­cated to gath­er­ing and shar­ing data on uses and pro­duc­tion meth­ods of mate­ri­als), of alt­Lab (Lisbon’s hack­er­space), of fab­ri­Cul­ture (a project ded­i­cated to pro­mot­ing open source dig­i­tal fab­ri­ca­tion and maker cul­ture in gen­eral), and a mem­ber of NYC Resis­tor.

I’m a phd can­di­date at FCSH-UNL and a vis­it­ing scholar at ITP-NYU. My aca­d­e­mic research is funded by a fel­low­ship from the Sci­ence and Tech­nol­ogy Foun­da­tion of Por­tu­gal and the UTAustin|Portugal pro­gram.

Also helps run the Open Hard­ware Sum­mit!

About today:

Ada Lovelace Day is an inter­na­tional day of blog­ging (vide­olog­ging, pod­cast­ing, comic draw­ing etc.!) to draw atten­tion to the achieve­ments of women in tech­nol­ogy and sci­ence.

Who is your hero­ine?

Do you remem­ber which women have influ­enced you over the years?

Per­haps your maths teacher, one of your uni­ver­sity lec­tur­ers, or a col­league?
This Ada Lovelace Day on Octo­ber 7, share your story about a woman — whether an engi­neer, a sci­en­tist, a tech­nol­o­gist or math­e­mati­cian — who has inspired you to become who you are today. Write a blog post, record a pod­cast, film a video, draw a comic, or pick any other way to talk about the women who have been guid­ing lights in your life. Give your hero­ine the credit she deserves!

Who was Ada? Ada Lovelace Augusta Ada King, Count­ess of Lovelace (10 Decem­ber 1815 – 27 Novem­ber 1852) was one of the world’s first com­puter pro­gram­mers, and one of the first peo­ple to see com­put­ers as more than just a machine for doing sums. She wrote pro­grams for Charles Babbage’s Ana­lyt­i­cal Engine, a gen­eral-pur­pose com­put­ing machine, despite the fact that it was never built. She also wrote the very first descrip­tion of a com­puter and of soft­ware.

If you’re look­ing to spark the mind of a friend, daugh­ter, sis­ter, cousin, mother, aunt, any­one really — elec­tron­ics is a won­der­ful hobby and per­haps a career. We’re doing this sale with the hopes of turn­ing on some minds to sci­ence, engi­neer­ing and curios­ity about how things work. We hope you enjoy the sale, the projects and the con­tent we have planned for today.

Today only, if you want to save 10% off on EVERYTHING at Adafruit use the code ADA11 on check out. Code is live for today only, one use per cus­tomer. Give a gift of elec­tron­ics and learn­ing to a spe­cial girl in your life.

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