Day 6 star­ted pretty late. At 10 o clock we had a mini maker­bot workshop to replace a bro­ken extru­der piece, but most folks were still asleep from staying up till late wor­king on the Piano Cock­tail, so only Cata­rina and Gui­lherme mana­ged to attend and fix the bro­ken piece.

Late arri­vers João, Vitor and Mécia arri­ved shor­tly after while i tried to finish up some work on the haiku gene­ra­tor and Mau­ri­cio was wor­king on the key­bo­ard mis­chi­efs with Cata­rina. Gui­lherme was alre­ady gone, he had to pre­pare his work for the Talk Show piece down­town. A lit­tle while later Mónica and Fran­cesco deci­ded to join us in dis­co­ve­ring where Black­box was actu­ally, we got abit lost but mana­ged to all arrive on time.

The piece was pretty great! Well pro­du­ced and per­for­med! So props to the ones invol­ved was in order and back we went to our resi­dency for some food and pro­ject pushing. Gui­lherme and Cata­rina still mes­sing with the Maker­bot; Mónica blowing plants; Filipe, Ricardo and Mau­ri­cio finishing up the Piano Cock­tail; Luis and João wor­king on the meal trac­king bal­let sys­tem; Pedro hel­ping out Jorge with his Arduino issues; and me trying out a cou­ple new remi­xes of the remix.

Before din­ner we also had a short visit from a few per­for­mance rela­ted folks, see­min­gly guests from our host and fri­end here at Espaço do Tempo, Rui Horta. They see­med pretty inte­res­ted in our adven­tu­res with the new tech­no­lo­gies, espe­ci­ally in terms of networ­king and open source mentality.

There was no cate­ring on Satur­day apa­ren­tly, so things were abit more erra­tic but it all wor­ked out in the end. We mana­ged to orga­nize a nice din­ner event with nearly everyone pre­sent, and pro­ce­e­ded direc­tly to jud­ging the world famous Vitor Espa­di­nha “Recor­dar é Viver” remix compo, par­ti­ci­pa­ting was me, Sér­gio and the pro­clai­med win­ner mis­ter Pedro Ângelo.

90’s elec­tro night pro­ce­eds as i type, everyone seems to be hap­pily wor­king on their pro­jects and/or enjoying their refresh­ments. It sucks hard that tomor­row is the last day alre­ady. As a curi­o­sity note, it seems 95% of the folks here at the resi­dency use Mac’s, even if one of them does have Linux installed.