AZ Residency Day 5 — Mistos de Porco Preto Reprise

Yesterday’s din­ner didn’t go so well. We went to pick up a few doses of “Mis­tos de Porco Preto” (means something like Mix of Dark Pig in English) at this local res­tau­rant which we had scou­ted on Tues­day as ser­ving pretty well. But we had an unfor­tu­nate sur­prise, they under-ser­ved us half our dosage. So a new quest had been unloc­ked: to retri­eve our fair share today or raise havoc!

At the lab i had no idea what hap­pe­ned during the mor­ning since i slept until very late, but right after lunch everyone scat­te­red off to han­dle dif­fe­rent things:
— Sér­gio and Fran­cesco still busy docu­men­ting their ants pro­ject.
— Tara with the plas­tic PCB expe­ri­ments.
— Jorge put­ting the finishing tou­ches on his VJ mixer frame.
— Mónica pushing her wind/fan pro­ject into a first pro­toype.
— I pushed the genhaiku abit clo­ser to ver­sion 2.0
— Luis arri­ved to the resi­dency to work on his meal trac­king idea.
— Ricardo and Filipe went on a magic jour­ney to the local “saw­mill” store to get the last parts for their piano cock­tail.
— Mau­ri­cio gave us a workshop about tiny solar robots with BEAM cir­cuits.
— And Cata­rina hac­king some key­bo­ard inter­fa­ces

So for din­ner we went to reclaim our lost dosage of Mis­tos de Porco Preto and mana­ged to suc­ceed in our ordeal! Quest com­plete! We also took the won­der­ful oppor­tu­nity to shop some essen­tial refresh­ments for tomor­rows farewell party.

Back at the resi­dency we had visi­tors from a local juve­nile the­a­ter group, we gave them a quick tour round up of all the stuff we have lying around and the pro­jects peo­ple have been wor­king in. Which went pretty well, they were all pretty mar­ve­led and exci­ted with all we had going on, asking how they could do their own and spend the rest of their lives doing what we do. Which made us happy.

The rest of the night was spent atten­ding Mauricio’s workshop and wor­king on some entry for our fast music remix compo of Vitor Espadinha’s “Relem­brar é Viver”. Results should be avai­la­ble tomor­row.