Day star­ted with a small queue to access the showers and a bre­ak­fast table side pro­jects meeting.

Today’s plan for world domi­na­tion invol­ved:
– Con­nec­ting OSCu­lat­tor with Pachube
– Trac­king fish in the fish tank
– Coo­king bio­plas­tic sam­ple expe­ri­ments
– Twit­ter bot with pro­ces­sing and/or javas­cript
– Taking apart old key­bo­ards
– Plan­ning a real­time vide­owall for AZ Labs

Most of the goals were rea­ched des­pite the usual setbacks.

Bio­plas­tic is sick. It’s basi­cally starch, water, gly­ce­rine and vine­gar sti­red together and hea­ted slo­wly to a pasty bub­bly form that takes a day to strengthen up. Today we coo­ked a few vari­a­ti­ons of the stan­dard recipe to make a few sam­ple expe­ri­ments with dif­fe­rent ingre­di­ent ratio, coo­king time and thick­ness, to com­pare the pro­per­ties and pos­si­bly maybe pro­ba­bly figure out some inte­res­ting use for them in future pro­jects. They take about a day to cure, so we have no con­clu­si­ons just yet, but we’re all pretty sick of the smell of vine­gar by now! Stay tuned for the fol­low up, coming to an hac­kers­pace blog near you soon.

Fish are nice. We like fish. Filipe brought some with him and seems to be plan­ning some cute trac­king sys­tem ins­tal­la­tion. A crack in the main expe­ri­ments tank hold him back a few hours while the sili­cone patch dried up, so it isn’t quite ope­ra­ti­o­nal just yet, but we’re alre­ady wor­king hard on the next evil step for world domi­na­tion: devi­sing a cle­ver way to cen­tra­lize and reuse his lit­tle fishies trac­king values. And share them with the world while we’re at it. Who knows who might need a bowl fish trac­king stream of values out there.

We took a lit­tle walk wan­de­ring about Montemor-o-Novo, quite a pea­ce­ful town as it turns out, we mana­ged to find an open res­tau­rant with some excel­lent tra­di­ti­o­nal Por­tu­guese food, which was nice. Meanwhile, back in the new tech world, our plans for tonight’s gene­ric audio mis­chief jam got held back by the lack of a mix table, some lag with nin­jam wire­less and an all­nigh­ter live bro­ad­cast stream pum­ping out of Aute­chre’s web­site.